The instant hot water tap is designed to replace the need for a kettle in your home. The tap can be set to provide you with boiling water which can be used to make coffee, tea, or anything else you want to do with boiling water.

It should be noted that before you make a decision regarding an instant hot water tap, having boiling water coming out of the tap won’t provide certainty that the water is safe to drink. Although the water treatment plant adds chlorine to kill bacteria it won’t remove the minerals in the water. It’s these minerals that make your water hard or soft, removing them is only possible through reverse osmosis. Fortunately, this treatment can be fitted to your supply line regardless of whether you have an instant hot water tap or not. You may even be able to get a filter fitted into your instant hot water tap.

The Benefits of a Hot Water Tap

The main benefit is instant boiling water whenever you need it. The tap is usually fitted next to your existing taps and will be clearly labeled. This avoids accidents from happening. 

The instant hot water tap has a small tank to facilitate delivery of the boiling water. This costs a few cents a day to run, it’s the approximate equivalent of boiling a full kettle twice. Assuming you empty the kettle between boils you’ll also waste more water with a kettle than you will with an instant tap. 

It’s also worth noting that the instant hot water tap has a childproof switch to prevent children from accidentally burning themselves. This is not the case with a kettle where it can be accessed by anyone and easily pulled off the countertop by accident.  

Of course, it is also a time-saving device, the average kettle takes 5 minutes to boil. That means the average household wastes at least 30 minutes a day waiting for the kettle to boil. There is no wasted time with an instant hot water tap.  

The Negatives

It is worth being aware that the cost of installing an instant hot water tap is significant. It will certainly counteract any savings for the first couple of years, if not longer. This means the instant hot water tap should be seen as a medium-to-long-term investment.

The cost goes up the greater the number of gadgets that are included. For example, it can virtually double in price if you want your instant hot water tap to supply icy cold water as well!

You also need to be aware that the hot water tap will need cleaning periodically. This is something you should be able to do yourself. However, if you want it serviced regularly this is an additional cost to consider.

In a nutshell, the instant hot water tap is a good investment providing you’re aware of the costs involved and that it’s pragmatic to add a reverse osmosis filter. This will ensure your water usage is reduced and there is no danger to family members from boiling water.