Dogs are wonderful pets as they are playful, loyal, and incredibly adorable. But, there are specific facts about dogs that are often overlooked, like the risk factor associated with their bites, which can cause deadly diseases like rabies. It would be best if you were careful about which dogs you keep in your home because there are some extremely dangerous breeds of dogs that must be avoided.  

During the bite, a dog's front teeth grab and compress your tissues and damage them such that your skin is torn. The resultant jagged wound needs immediate attention because severe infection starts to dwell into it if the wound remains open for an extended period. Therefore, we have discussed here seven steps that you must take if you are bitten by a dog so that you can handle the situation appropriately. 

1. Identify the dog and its owner:
It may sound secondary to identify the dog and its custodian while you are going through the excruciating pain of dog bite. But, it can go a long way in helping your recovery. Therefore, get all the essential details about the dog and its owner, like where they live, their phone number, and other similar information. 

2. Get a medical evaluation:
You must call first responders by calling 911 immediately, or if you have someone with you, then ask them to drive you to the hospital and get the wound checked and appropriately dressed. Injuries resulting from dog bites have a considerable likelihood of getting infected. Therefore, in this scenario, do not dawdle in getting medical attention because the risk is far too significant to afford such recklessness. 

3. File the dog bite report:
It is vital to file the dog bite report as soon as possible because it will engage the police, who will evaluate the dog's status so that other people can be saved from getting bitten from a potentially dangerous dog. Moreover, the police will also get you the information that the owner may not be willingly giving you, like whether the dog has been vaccinated for rabies or not. 

 Knowing this information will help you a great deal in your medical evaluation, because if you are bitten by a rabies-carrying dog, then you must have to bear the painful ordeal of getting rabies injections. 

4. Call a dog bite attorney:
It is your absolute right to file for personal injury compensation because you will suffer both physically and financially due to these dog-inflicted injuries. Therefore, immediately seek competent legal counsel like  a dog bite attorney Ventura, who will file the claim for you and deal with the opposing counsel. Most of the dogs are insured, which means that the owner's insurer compensates for such injuries. Therefore, its representatives will do anything to get themselves out of paying any liability. 

5. Collect Evidence:
Merely hiring an attorney will not cut it because you must also have to consolidate your case by evidentiary support. Therefore, you must have the presence of mind to click photos of your injuries and site of the accident as soon as you are physically capable. 

Moreover, ask your lawyer to get information like the license details of the dog and its biting history to understand the overall behavior of the dog better. These details will help you build your case so that you can get the deserved compensation and save others from this dangerous dog.