One of the most essential tools used in the fast-growing marketing industry these days are press releases. It’s pretty rare (and unwise) for a brand or company to bear news or introduce a new product in the market without issuing a press release. Are press releases still useful considering so many inboxes today are crowded with junk and spam mail? According to researchers, the answer is yes. Contrary to popular belief, online press releases are still viewed a lot; they average around 270+ views per week. The more eyes your press release catches, the more likely you are to win over large numbers of clients and journalists. However, just issuing a press release isn’t enough, making it as attractive as possible is what matters.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while sending out a press release: 

Tantalize your audience
There should be an X factor in your press release that can bait viewers and encourage further questions. But if you go too far with the teasing without giving sufficient details, you’re just going to discourage people from digging around more. 

Be more engaging and attractive.
Use pictures, videos, GIFs, and infographics. People are more likely to anchor their eyes on an image or figure rather than just plain old boring text, so get creative and include visual imagery.

Maintain your website. 
To increase the opportunity of getting noticed on packed official statement sites and in a Google search, make a point to improve the SEO (search engine organization) in your public statement. Remember to appeal to the people and let your SEO do the rest. 

Use customer-friendly language. 
The art of interacting with customers is complicated. Use aggrandizing text in your press release, but don’t make it too bold otherwise, it’s just going to crash and burn on your audience and make them think you’re questioning their intelligence. Facts and figures are a better option than too many overwhelming words. 

Make it narrative.
Another great tool to use in your press release is a narrative or a short story. Contextual analyses are well known because they recount to an extraordinary story that readers can adjust to their circumstances. Including an anecdote in your official statement is a great way to captivate and interact with your audience. Following a short story is much easier and more likely to happen than being led on by plain advertising and informative text. Use any piece of a narrative or a short story as a hook to attract the maximum number of journalists and customers. 

Prepare yourself to address a million questions. 
You just distributed a press release. (Hopefully) A significant number of people saw it and want to know more. Be prepared to let them know all there is to know about your big news or product. Display your contact information and details clearly and make sure your website is user-friendly, maintained, and updated to answer all queries. Your support staff should be ready at all times to answer any questions that come your way.

Take your time to build your release.
To target a specific audience, you need to say what they want to hear. This means that forwarding the same thing to all platforms is useless. You should structure your posts based on the type of audience you are addressing. This is a critical component of getting your word known better. Both customers and reporters are on the search for that. A press release distribution service can be your go-to. There are many press release distribution services available to make your work easier. The best press release distribution service keep in mind your needs and help you reach your wanted audience better. Press release distribution services are comparatively inexpensive, but there are unpaid options too, and making use of both simultaneously can prove beneficial to your company. Don’t forget to add a link to your company’s webpage. This will enable people who read about your product to be able to figure and learn more about it.

All these things are essential while distributing a press release as they can help one maximize the list of potential viewers of their business.