We all want a place that we can unwind in and be in peace after a long, busy day. With this fact, it would be impossible to relax in an area that is full of clutter. Some psychologists say that an unorganized place plays a role in our minds being full of clutter. Live in a peaceful and relaxed state in an area that is organized.

How can you organized and get rid of clutter? Do you have to make huge tweaks around your house? Many simple storage items can help you do the tasks of decluttering. You do not have to turn a particular room into a room for storage or sacrifice any of your space for the sake of storage.

We managed to come up with our go-to's in staying organized. These are the perfect storage tools/items that will keep your place clean, organized, and free of clutter.

Plastic Storage Drawers
Our first essential storage item to help you stay organized is the plastic storage drawers. You can store almost anything from your clothes, to files, and even into garage tools. Plastic storage drawers are perfect for those who want a dedicated storage solution that can go with any part of the home. 

Plastic storage drawers are the perfect storage for your clothes. You would not want your clothes to lay around places they should not be in. Keep your clothes organized and store them away in your plastic storage drawers. Another item/s that causes clutter can be your accessories. Make sure to put your accessories back in the right drawer after every use.

With the current work-from-home set up, you have to organize your work files properly. Your home does not have to be as hectic and clutter-filled as your office. Do yourself a favor and work in a peaceful state with a clutter-free workspace. Organize and categorize your work files, reports, and more in a plastic storage drawer.

Metal Storage Shelves
Another item that tends to cause clutter in our homes is our shoes and other footwear. The perfect storage solution for this dilemma is metal storage shelves. Metal storage shelves are the ideal shoe storage as they offer a lot of shelf space for our favorite kicks. 

However, shoe storage is not the only storage perk that metal storage shelves have. You can easily turn metal storage shelves to showcase your figurines, action figures, and even books. Divide each shelf into their storage purpose to get the most out of this storage solution!

You can also get metal storage shelves in your kitchen. If there is one place that you need to organize, chances are it is your kitchen. Turn your metal storage shelves into your very own storage for your spices, kitchenware, and more.

Wire Basket Storage
We sincerely hope that you place your used clothes in the right place after every use. Again, clothes can be one of the main causes of clutter around your home. You can use wire baskets as a laundry hamper and throw all of your used clothes there.

A wire basket storage is also a great way to organize your laundry. Chances are, you separate your laundry into your white clothes and colored clothes. Get a separate wire basket storage for each!

Of course, you can also use wire basket storage for other things. Need a place to store your fruits and vegetables? Wire baskets can be the perfect way to organize everything in your kitchen!

Floating Cabinets And Shelves
If you need a storage solution that will not take any of your precious floor space, then floating shelves and cabinets are your best option. With this storage idea, you will utilize the walls around your home and turn it into your storage space. 

You can use a floating shelf to serve as another way to showcase your books, figurines, or anything that deserves attention. You can also use this storage solution as another storage tool for your kitchen. You will have a place to store your spices, kitchenware, and more without taking a lot of room or floor space.

Decluttering and staying organized can mean a lot of positive things for your home. The simple act of staying organized can help you save space around your place. Use these storage solutions to help you organize your items and belongings.

Nothing beats the peace that comes with a clutter-free home. The feeling of knowing that your items are in their right places results in a blissful living experience.