If you are a high school graduate intending to go on to higher education, it is time to choose the university you wish to apply to. It is a tough and important decision, so you will have to think carefully and consider various factors as you start the selection process. Each university has its own selection criteria too. Students straight from school and entering university in the UK are judged first on their academic achievements, basically, the number of A-Levels and the grades. 

Each university is also ranked according to the area of study, so consider that during your search.

What follows is just a taster, a quick rundown of what is considered the top-ranked universities in the UK. This overview is compiled from various established and credible sources such as The Guardian, The Times, and The Sunday Times newspapers. Hopefully, it will help you organize and structure your search. The various university guides rank on criteria that may differ in importance, but that is for you to decide. Apart from academic excellence, some things to take into account are affordability, halls of residence, post-graduate studies, tutors, prestige, etc. You will, of course, apply your own criteria.

University rankings are published at the beginning of the year, so you can start your search early.

University of Cambridge

Entry to the university founded in 1209 requires at least three ‘A’ graded A Levels to be considered, plus an admissions exam. It has the second-lowest admissions rate and has a research partnership with MIT in the United States. Many famous and historical figures have studied in its 31 colleges. With such strict criteria, you might need help writing your application essay. If you need a reliable source for help on your essay, you can just ask for professional assistance on essayservice.com.

University of Oxford

The admittance to this university established in 1096, is by exam results and references, written tests, and interview. In the top six of world rankings, Oxford has a first-class reputation. Oxford incorporates a variety of institutions, including 38 constituent colleges with a full range of academic departments organized into four Divisions. It is one of the top 10 universities in the UK for the areas of Computer Science, Medicine, Philosophy, Politics, and Psychology. 

University of St. Andrews

Located in Fife, St Andrews, The University of St Andrews is the oldest of the four ancient universities in Scotland. At least three ‘A’ graded A levels are the required minimum for entry. The admission process is highly competitive, with a very low acceptance rate. St. Andrews has only three colleges and became known recently as the university where future king, Prince William, met his wife, Kate Middleton. 

Imperial College London

ICL is renowned for its medical teaching and research studies but opened a business school in 2003. With an acceptance rate of around 20 percent, it has one of the highest cosmopolitan intakes of all UK universities. The main areas of study are science, technology, and medicine, spread over four faculties.

Loughborough University 

Like most of the top 10 universities in the UK, applications and admissions are through the UCAS system. With ten schools and 20 academic departments, it covers the whole range of academic studies. Voted University of the Year 2019, it has the best sports program in the whole of the UK. If you are not sure how to write your applications, you can turn to https://domyessay.com/essay-writers-team. And they will provide any help you need.

Durham University

Durham is now opening up its admissions and acceptance process to encourage diversity. It is also accepting mature students through its foundation program. It has 17 colleges. Its academic structure is of four faculties, each divided into departments and schools. According to the latest Lloyds Bank survey, Durham has the best quality of student life in the country.

Lancaster University

Thanks to its reputation for research, Lancaster’s 12,000 students hail from over 100 countries. It also has an international presence with partnerships in educational centers in Pakistan, Malaysia, Ghana, and Germany, and the university features in the top one percent worldwide. Lancaster’s students are among the most satisfied in the country. 

University of Bath

Bath has a well-deserved reputation in the areas of physical sciences, engineering, both mechanical and electrical, mathematics, and technology. Bath has expanded rapidly in recent years, with competition for places increasing. Students wanting a place at Bath need to achieve top grades in their A-Levels. 

University of Warwick

Very strong in business, the world-famous business school was established in 1967. All the areas of study are grouped under three faculties. The university firmly focuses on the commercial application of education. One-third of Warwick’s students are from overseas, and the university has collaborative partnerships with academic communities around the world.

London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE has a highly competitive admissions process. LSE is a world-leading social science dedicated institution. It is dedicated to the study of all areas of social science. The School has partnerships with other universities in America, Asia, and Africa and regularly invites leading public figures to consult staff and give lectures.