The Middle East is a beautiful topographical territory ornamented by some of the greatest deserts, endless bazaars, and some of the marvelous architectural designs on the planet. North Africa, on the other hand, is a veritable treasure trove of breathtaking destinations, sounds, and situations for travel buffs to explore. 

Without a glimmer of doubt, North Africa and the Middle East have a superfluity of world-famous destinations and attractions that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. We round up five of the best!
1. Egypt 

The world-famous land of the Pharaohs is one of the most frequented places on earth. Egypt is a dazzling destination for people who want to experience the mystic temples and tombs, and all the historical treasures of the ancient rulers of the ancient Egyptian empire.
It’s not all about medieval and passé attractions, though. This magical territory is blessed with enormous tracts of awe-inspiring desert, the famous River Nile, and a plethora of other attractions to appease the young-blooded and old-timers alike.
Things to do, attractions to see, and things to experience in Egypt are basically endless. Literally. We’d need a much, much bigger post to include everything. But if you are in Egypt, a Nile cruise that depicts the best of Luxor and Aswan should top your list. The stretch between these two enchanting cities will supply you with a repertoire of attractions that have placed Egypt on a global map.
Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan will give you a dream-like chance to experience the wonder and breathtaking view of the River Nile. Comprehensive cruises will give you a chance to visit all the attractions along that stretch, including the legendary Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Luxor Temple Edfu Temples, Aswan Dam, Kom Ombo, Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk, and more!
While still in the country, fill-up your travel itinerary with an assortment of other travel plans. Archeology fanatics should settle in Luxor and experience the ancient of the Egyptian forefathers. Beach lovers can head over to the Sinai and soak up the sun and striking views. City slickers can spend a day or two in Cairo, the megalopolis, and Egyptian capital.
Camel rides in the Egyptian desert will also enthrall most travelers, especially those traveling in groups. If you want a slower action while in Egypt, you should settle on the southern parts of Aswan and interact with the residents, enjoy their cuisines and learn their culture. In a nutshell, there’s so much to explore in Egypt—a perfect mix of relaxation, adventure, and culture.
2. Morocco 

While still in North Africa, take a trip to Morocco and explore a myriad of sights and fabulous attractions. This county’s attractions offer a wondrous mix of the exotic, with snake fascinators and tricksters, nonstop glasses of mint tea, and souks brim-full of hordes of treasures.
Morocco provides travelers with some of the most spectacular sceneries in Africa, with the thrilling heights of the famous Atlas Mountains and the amazing dessert that has attracted travelers from right to left.
For those fascinated by culture, you’d be glad to know that this is where the Arab and African worlds converge, giving birth to some of the old-age civilizations in the areas. It’s no wonder the country has often attracted writers and artists for decades, and continue to lure even more today. 

While here, don’t miss, Tangier, Fes el Bali, Oudaias Kasbah, Hassan II Mosque, and Marrakesh Medina. Tangier attracts tourists from European counties. It is deemed the most European city in the country, given its set up, tastes, and fascinating history.
Fes el Bali is a massive cultural destination for writers and artists. Oudaias Kasbah is Morocco’s most picturesque destination, with peace and tranquility. This destination gives you a feel that’s miles away from the chaos of Moroccan city, despite being at the core.
Hassan II Mosque is a major symbol not only of the city but the entire country as well. It is the major point of interest and landmark building in Morocco. Sum up your Moroccan itinerary with a tour of Marrakesh Medina and experience the vibrant buzz of this old city.
3. Dubai  

If you’ve experienced it all in North Africa, Middle East Tours will offer you exciting options to tick off your bucket list. Where else to start exploration than Dubai? This glitzy and futuristic city is not only the holiday spot for Emiratis but the entire planet. 

The artistic and avant-garde architectural designs have transformed this territory from a scorching-hot desert to a destination du-jour. The world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, should top your list in Dubai.
Then explore other attractions such as Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Museum, Old Dubai, Dubai Mall, and many others. A desert safari should also be included in your to-do list, a chance for you to enjoy the thrilling desert drive over the golden sand dunes.
4. Jordan 

Welcome to Jordan, Middle East’s most celebrated and easy-going nation, where historical ruins, Levantine flavors, and people’s generosity and smiles will accompany you throughout your exploration.
Start with the splendid sites in the ancient Nabatean city, and experience a dream welcome into the Middle East. Then climb the red sand dunes and experience the weather-beaten sandstone in Wadi Rum’s awesome desert scenery.
Your travel shouldn’t be complete without a visit to the 1300 years old desert castle of Quseir Amra. And then a two-day visit to the country’s crown jewel gem, Petra. After day-time exploration, you can relax in some of Jordan’s bustling cafés and restaurants, especially along the Dead Sea.