People having acne prone skin tolerate a lot of problems. To identify the exact reason by which the skin is suffering, it takes too much time even your dermatologist can not identify the exact reason of it. There are a lot of errors and trials in getting rid of acne skin. When the acne is severe, you can’t find out a way to fight with it. You must have to take appointment to your dermatologist and use some prescribed medicines.

In case of mild acne prone skin, or if you want to treat your acne on your own, there are a variety of derma products in market and you realized it is very difficult to choose the right product for your type of acne skin. We could recommend you several products but they are all available on internet. Therefore we thought it more useful to give ideas about choosing the right products for your skin type as every skin needs different type of care.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Over the counter products are used to treat mild acne problems which are available without any prescription. The first tip to treat mild acne is to wash your face on daily basis. It is revealed from the studies of Nagler that a big difference has been observed after regular face wash. Gently wash your face to avoid worse effects.

Salicylic acid present in face washes removes oil and helps in clearing pores. Use a foaming face wash or cleansing product which is labeled as sensitive if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, acne cream Malaysia can also help you get rid of the acne.

You should avoid using products having alcohol in it especially when they have an irritating effect on acne. Most of the time, it is thought that the sting effect of cream is due to the fact that they are doing their job on repairing acne. But in reality, they are harmful to the skin. The products having alcohol in it are too much dry for even oily skins. But a small amount of alcohol is not harmful as it supports the production of useful products like glycolic acid. So don’t be afraid of buying a product having a minor amount of alcohol in it.

Use chemical exfoliates on daily basis

 Hoping slathering spot treatments on your face to solve your skin problems is not worthy. Instead of it, use chemical exfoliates which turn a huge difference in your skin. Salicylic acid and glycolic acid products help in solving pores blockage and peels off dead skin cells. The high concentration of any product will cause burning and peeling. You should use gentle exfoliates which will give a visible difference in your skin.

Don’t rely on non-comedogenic products

When you choose skin care products and the products for removing makeup, you see a huge amount of products on which it is written that they are non-comodogenic. But they do not meet the criteria of the term in reality. This label does not give guarantee to clog pores. Oil free products also have no guarantee because they have many ingredients to make it heavy, thick and harmful to use.