Having a waterfront house is a true blessing. You can enjoy a good swim in the freshwater, go fishing with your friends, or simply enjoy the view. When you have a waterfront property you will certainly have to install a dock. 

The first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word dock is a parking spot for your watercraft. A dock can, however, be used for several other functions and activities. This post contains a list of fun activities you can do thanks to your dock. So, let’s get into it so you can start planning your next trip to the lakehouse.

The most basic but extremely fun activity you can perform on a lake is boating. Thanks to your dock, you don’t need to worry about your boat floating away. If you have a dock installed on your waterfront property, you can go for a ride whenever you want.  Remember to get good docking equipment for your boat, too.

You may be thinking well that can be done even without a dock. However, if you have a dock, the process becomes safer and quicker. You and your family can easily get on and off the boat without the worry of falling into the water. Having a drive-on boat dock will ensure that your boat is safely fastened, and will not get vandalized or stolen. 

Jet Ski Driving
A watercraft for the people seeking an extreme thrill. The speedy jet skis are basically motorcycles that you can ride on the water. The jet skis are extremely fun to ride and make a great water sport. But, you need two things for enjoying a jet ski ride; a Jetski and a well-anchored and secure jet ski dock. 

Once you install the floating dock for your jet ski you wouldn’t need to hire a  tow truck every time you feel like having a ride. You can easily park your jet ski on your floating dock, take it out for a ride and park it back once you are done. The dock will keep your jet ski secure and provide you the ease of access. The easy access allows you to enjoy your jetski more frequently, you could even practice cool jetski tricks!

Water Park
There are so many reasons to not go to a commercial water park. Luckily for you, a lakehouse with a dock will make a great water park for families and children to enjoy in the summertime. Install some inflatable water slides, a net, and enjoy some lake volleyball. There will be no need of going to a water park and swimming in the polluted water when you can have the same fun at your waterfront property. All thanks to the dock you installed.

Another fun activity would be to host a party for your friends at your lakehouse water park on a summer night. You can get a few jet skis or hire a boat or two for rides in the lake. And to take it up a notch, install those inflatable water slides again. It is bound to be fun and a complete hit in 
your social circle.

Swimming and Fishing Platform
Nothing beats a refreshing swim through the lake on a hot and humid summer day. The floating dock manufactured by Hiseadock can be used as a swimming platform. The dock is easy to install and you can put together a few of the floats together and anchor them in the lake. Use the floats as a resting place when you feel tired or simply hang out on the floating platform. It’s a great way to beat the heat. 

You can also use a dock as a fishing platform. You don’t need to have a boat to go fishing in the middle of a lake. Just try catching fish at your dock. If you want to go further then the shore, we suggest you get a customizable floating dock. The stability of a floating dock after anchoring it will allow you to fish right in the middle of the lake. But it is better if you stay close to your shore.

Ice Skating
If you live in the colder regions, you can go ice skating on your lake when it completely freezes in the winter. Thanks to your dock, the whole idea becomes much easier and safer. Having a dock allows you to examine whether the ice is thick enough for skating or not. It can also act as support if you are new to skating. And it provides a platform for you to easily put on your skating gear and remove it once you are done. 

Acting as a parking spot for your watercraft is not the only use of a dock. There are tons of other fun activities you can do at your waterfront house with an installed dock. This list mostly features activities that are related to water sports. However, there are other activities too that you can enjoy thanks to your dock. The possibilities are endless and so is the amount of fun you can have on your lakehouse dock. Feel free to get back to us regarding any queries you might have.