The dynamics of the fashion world has evolved over the decades.  People who used to look for Western fashion trends are now turning to the East - especially South Korea.

The reason for its popularity is due to the success of South Korea's entertainment industry.  Not only Middle Easterners but also Westerners are fans of K-dramas and K-pop music.  The success of the entertainment industry has largely been recognized by the fashion industry. Another possible reason for the massive demand for Korean clothing is its price, which is affordable for all. Even celebrities are wearing Korean fashion-inspired clothing on the red carpet, and fashion icons are wearing it in their photoshoots.

Here are some Korean fashion trends and costumes that have spread like wildfire.

Traditional Korean Hanbok
Hanbok is a beautifully made Korean traditional dress that is a part of Korean history.  The main purpose of this dress was to allow the wearers to move freely and gracefully.  However, the embroidery and colors of the hanbok also represented the social status of royalty and expressed the main themes of traditional ceremonies. 

The Hanbok has long been part of the fashion runways and fashion industry, each time being presented in a new form by fashion designers.  You can wear modern hanboks for birthdays, celebrations and a traditional hanbok Korean friend's wedding. If you plan to buy a hanbok, then the best place would be 'Korean in Me', a premium Korean hanbok store.  The store offers a variety of hanbok styles and colors that are shipped around the world, including modern hanbok.  Whenever and wherever you wear these hanboks, people will undoubtedly appreciate your amazing fashion sense.

Oversized cardigans 
Gone is the popularity of zero size clothes. The fashion trend of this decade is for the loose and large garment that emerged from South Korea.  Fashion icons like the Kardashians wore cardigans in this style and the style was spotted at an actress at the Met Gala.  The best thing about these cardigans is that they are easy and comfortable to wear anywhere and everywhere.

Checkered clothes
If you've been shopping recently, you've probably seen a checkered shirt, pants or skirt at least twice. Even the men's shirts are checkered! Checker prints are a South Korean fashion trend and are extremely popular around the world.  I mean, men wearing patterned pants?  Who would have thought that they would like this?
It could be H&M, Zara or Mango Top Collection, at least two or three of which will use ruffles. The ruffles are usually on the borders of the sleeve, neckline, or shirt.  They add volume and elegance to a dress or top.  Ruffles are a trend in the Korean fashion industry and are huge hits around the world.  Ruffle tops can be paired with skirts, pants or jeans, and the capability of this top makes it perfect for any occasion.

Korean Hair clips
One of the everyday accessories that you can see in every K-drama is the creative hair clip on the head of every actress.  Almost every Korean store has a collection of hair clips, in which most Korean buyers can’t help but purchase due to their cute designs and affordability.

Korean culture is a big part of the fashion and entertainment industry.  It has spread far and wide in the world and is beloved by those who have to stick to a budget when shopping. If you buy Korean clothes, you can look trendy and amazing without spending too much.