Childless couples who have decided to cooperate with the Ukrainian reproductive clinic naturally want to have a clear idea of the procedure of choosing surrogate mother and the level of their involvement in this process, the surrogate woman’s fee, the legislative framework and the possibility of inviting their own applicants. This article provides answers to the main questions and specifies the procedure of involving one's own surrogate woman.

If a childless couple decides to visit Ukraine for having a child born using assisted reproductive technologies, the reasons for this decision are probably the legislative prohibition of surrogacy in the country of residence and the attractive price of a surrogate mother in Ukraine. The decision is more than reasonable, as Ukrainian legislation in matters of ART is well developed and provides 100% protection of the interests of biological parents, excluding the possibility of surrogate mother to keep the child (rights and obligations of biological parents and surrogate mothers are regulated by the Civil and Family Codes of Ukraine). As for the fee of a woman carrying a child for a childless couple, rates are about 2.5 times lower than in the United States and the United Kingdom, where there is no fee, but parents pay the woman 's running expenses during pregnancy) and other countries.

Reproductive clinics usually have their own base of strictly selected candidates and provide clients with the opportunity to choose a surrogate mother by photo, get acquainted with her by video chat or even at a personal meeting. If desired, the couple can maintain contact with the woman during the program or after it is successfully completed. If a couple wishes to entrust this responsible mission to a relative or close friend, it is necessary to contact the clinic implementing such programs. For example, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group has the service IVF + OWN SURROGATE MOTHER. To take part in it a married couple and a candidate for the role of surrogate mother need to visit a clinic. The selected woman will be fully examined. If she is suitable for the role of surrogate mother, a contract will be concluded and preparations for IVF will begin. The program is available as part of the Comfort and VIP service packages, which include the following warranties:
  • Unlimited number of transfers of own or donor egg cells (in this case the donor will be as similar as possible to the biological mother);
  • Accommodation in hotel or apartments of "Comfort" and "VIP" class (three meals per day included);
  • Risk insurance without additional payments (up to 12 weeks or before childbirth) - if the pregnancy is terminated before the specified terms - the process begins again at the expense of the clinic with unlimited number of tries until the guaranteed result is achieved;
  • Birth of a healthy child without chromosomal pathologies (selection of healthy embryos by PGD diagnosis);
  • Opportunity to choose the gender of the future child (VIP package),
  • Legal support.

If you have more questions about surrogacy or want to learn more about the program IVF + OWN SURROGATE MOTHER - ask the manager of Feskov Human Reproduction Group on the company's website. You will definitely be prompted the best option and have the detailed course of action explained.