The coronavirus is causing crazy times. The intelligent lockdown limits our freedom. We stay at home as much as possible and distance ourselves from others. The measures seem to be working. Fortunately and we can look forward to better times. Although many measures will remain the same, we can look forward to more expansion step by step.

The lockdown measures will be eased, and social and economic life will get back on track. That is why it is more important than ever to communicate measures clearly. In this way, the virus will be less likely to spread, and we will avoid ending up in the same situation again. In addition, you ensure a safe environment for suppliers, customers and staff. Corona communication printing products makes communicating clearly a lot easier.

Corona communication

With corona communication, you can adapt a company or shop to the 1,5-meter society. Think of floor tape, safety vests, plexiglass screens and many other tools that allow you to communicate measures clearly. A lot of preventive printing is ready-to-use, so no design is needed. That saves time, so you can reopen the doors of your company faster.
Window stickers

Before someone enters an office or shop you can communicate rules on the outside the building. Window stickers are a very useful tool for this. A window sticker is eye-catching and is displayed at eye level. Because of this, the rules will not be ignored by anyone. You can also have a textile frame printed for this purpose. You can, for example, place this in a shop, shop window, showroom, hall or office.

Safety vests

When you have staff walking around in places where it can get crowded, you want to protect them as much as possible. With neon-coloured safety vests, your staff won't go unseen. In addition, you can also communicate corona-rules on the vest. For example by means of a text or distance-symbol. Of course, you can also use t-shirts or other company clothing to make staff stand out.
Desk mat

With a desk mat you ensure a hygienic workplace. A desk mat protects against dirt. You can also write on it. For example, a to-do list or notes. You can also have the desk mats printed with corona measures.

Sustainable printing

Sustainable printing is a up-and-coming trend. As a result, many corona prevention products are also available in a green variant. For example, sustainable stickers, posters, flyers, banners or tape. For example, sustainable posters are made of paper with elephant waste and stickers are completely vegan.

Above are just a few examples of printed corona communication. You can print the corona measures on many more products. For example, static (window) foil or crush barriers. You can also order wristbands (translation: polsbandjes bedrukken) to hand out to shoppers. This way you can keep track of how many visitors there are at that moment. An example of this is silicone wristbands (translation: siliconen polsbandjes bedrukken).