Do you know it is possible to save up £50 a month if you stop taking alcohol? Even if you are an average drinker, drinking can cost you too much money. Yes, it costs you a lot more than you think. Are you still on the fence? Well, read on to find out the hidden cost of taking alcohol and the amount of cash you can save.

1)            Purchasing Alcohol
According to a survey by the, the UK spends an average of £1000 per year on drinks. They also found that about 54% spend £50 per month on alcohol. This means that in a month you spend approximately £82.50 every month and £990 in a year. However, what is worrying is that 64% of Britons use overdrafts and credit cards to purchase alcohol.

This means that if you stop taking alcohol today, you can save an average of £990 in a year. You can stop drinking and save some cash. How? Well, you can click on the link and talk to an expert. You will get the best coach out there who talks from his own life experience on how he could quit drinking without going to rehab. Contact him today and get a coach that will help you see how life can be good without alcohol.

2)            Save £10 On Food  
While on a night out, you spend most of your time walking, talking, and dancing. At the end of the night, you will be feeling hungry. Therefore, you will have to spend a few bucks on food, and no one will stop you.

3)            Buying Stuff Online When Drunk
Alcohol makes you lose your focus. Therefore, you can spend between £100-£200 buying stuff that you may not need. However, if you stop taking alcohol, you will not have to spend money on buying things. Instead, you will be able to save.

4)            Taxi
On average, you are most likely to spend £10 on a taxi ride home after your drinking spree. Even if your home is within walking distance, you should take a cab for safety reasons. 

5)            Energy Drink
After your night out of massive spending, the following morning will cost you money. You will have to buy your favorite energy drink such as Lucozade that can cost you around £1.50. You may find yourself hungry and in need of a hearty breakfast that could cost you more money as you will likely not want to make it yourself.

6)            Painkiller
To help cure your hangover, you will have to part with £2 for some Panadol. A painkiller will help you if your body cannot cure itself.

7)            Social Costs
Apart from the monetary value of alcohol, there is the emotional side of it that is overlooked. The emotional side can have a greater negative impact on your life. How? Here are some of the social costs:

·                     Ineffectiveness at work can make you unproductive and eventually lose your job.
·                     Offending your friends and family. Hence, you have to buy some flowers and chocolate.
·                     In worst cases, relationships breakdown

These are some of the costs that you can save when you decide to quit taking alcohol. If you find it challenging to stop this habit, always talk to an expert.