Baby’s physical and emotional health depends on sleeping habits. Good sleeping habits keep your baby healthy and active. Now the question is how parents can develop good sleeping habits? One crucial part of establishing a good sleeping habit is to create a pleasant sleeping environment like where your child sleeps, sort of crib, bed or mattress, and much more. 

Make one thing clear adult bed is not safe for your baby. According to research, bed-sharing with babies can put their life at risk. If you prefer to sleep near your baby, you can put crib beside your bed. Even if you are traveling to some other place, you can use travel cribs.

Let us share some other important factors which play a vital role in creating a safe sleeping environment.

Sleep on the back
Let your baby sleep on his back at night and even during a nap at least for one year. To avoid late-night tummy aches, practice tummy time during the day, when your child is not sleeping so you can monitor him.

Baby’s sleeping space
As we mentioned above, the baby's sleeping area is mandatory for fearless sleeping. Designate your baby a proper sleeping space with a hard mattress and tight-fitting sheet. You must not keep crib bumpers, toys, clothes, and other irrelevant stuff in your baby's sleep environment.

According to research, breastfeeding works wonders as it helps in decreasing the chances of SIDS, particularly for the first six months.

Use of pacifiers
To reduce the risk of SIDS, you must smoothly apply pacifier to make baby sleep at night time and during naps. Remember one thing, never use a pacifier when the baby is sleeping. If your baby is on breastfeed, wait for at least one month to establish breastfeeding habits.

Control the temperature of the room
During sleep, our body temperature gets down. Even though you must wear the baby some breathable clothes, it can help to avoid overheating.

Avoid smoking
The area where your baby is to expose to the tobacco smoke is unsafe and can cause SIDS. Mothers should not smoke during, and even after pregnancy.

Avoid devices 
Always avoid buying devices that claim to overcome the risk of SIDS. Like positioners, wedges, and distinctive sleeping surfaces.

Some additional tips:
As your baby grows and gets mobile change the height of the crib, you can do it by lowering the crib mattress.
Toddlers are the good escapers, shift your baby to a toddler bed. Set your room much safer by bolting all the furniture to the walls. Electrical units must be covered.
Toddlers are not allowed to sleep on pillows, sot mattresses, loose bedding, and cushions. Even when you are traveling, you must get something appropriate.
Babies must sleep in a room, which is a little dark and a little cold.
Avoid sleeping with your babies; it can cause SIDS due to suffocation.
We have provided the best tips. You must be aware of to help your baby get a good and safe night’s sleep.