Today, people love the fact that technology is evolving, and it is almost everywhere. They use it for their convenience, and sometimes using technology is their way of entertaining themselves. While there are thousands of mobile apps in the market today, nothing beats the experience that an entertainment app can provide you. You can kill time and boredom by just watching videos, listening to music, playing mobile games, and even using social media apps to do a lot of entertaining things.

It is also safe to say that video streaming apps are getting more famous for the young generation because there are there thousands of videos that you can enjoy watching on the internet. Those videos include documentary videos, movies, TV series, music videos, and many more. Even if you ask anyone, it is one of the top entertaining things to do when they are bored or just stuck in their houses doing nothing at all. With that, here are the top video streaming apps that you need to download now.

Youtube is an app that is free to use and download that allows users to watch different kinds of videos which are also uploaded by other users. This app enables users to subscribe to different users, rate, view, upload, share, comment on a video, and many more. It gives many variations of corporate and user-generated media videos. 

The contents that are available on youtube include movie trailers, video blogs, live streams, audio recordings, documentary videos, music videos, video clips, and a lot more. If you still want to enjoy watching videos even if you’re offline, check this out to know how to download youtube videos.

Netflix is probably one of the most famous movies streaming platforms up to date. With 182 million subscribers, it is perfect for people who only want to watch movies or TV series. It offers a large variety of movies, TV shows, and award-winning original productions of Netflix. A lot of users also rate this app to be among the top movie streaming platforms with the best collection of titles.

With a cheap monthly subscribing fee, Netflix is an excellent choice if you are concerned about value. Also, you need to take note that this platform does not offer live TV. Because of its user-friendly interface, many individuals name it to be one of the best apps for iOS and Android.

Hulu’s monthly fee starts at $8, and its main focus is television shows, cable TV and network streaming, and Hulu originals. Although it offers movies, the selection is quite limited. The users also compare it with live TV, which they can stream television episodes quickly after the original airing, and many people even recognize it to be the top live-streaming app.

Entertainment apps are the best way to have fun and relax when you are bored. It makes you forget about everything, especially boredom, and problems because you will only focus on what’s in front of you. While there are many entertaining apps in the market, download video streaming apps so that you can watch unlimited videos, and you can make your free time worth it.