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It is easy to say that we are perfect in our way if you look like a Victoria Secret Model. Some women say that they are happy the way they are, but others find it difficult to love themselves. Each of us has our insecurities, the difference is others know how to face and accept it, but others find it hard to accept.

Women go through a lot of emotional rollercoasters. They are the most emotionally living creature in the face of the planet. It is because of the so-called hormones which affect women both physically and mentally. 

The Positive and Negative Effect

As we age, our physique will change. Saggy skin, wrinkle, saggy boobs, and many more will manifest. These changes are more damaging to women not just physically but also mentally as they become emotional as they watch their body changes over-time.

Giving birth is also one of the factors that affect women as pregnancy changes their bodies significantly as their hormones skyrocketed. It is why some women choose not to bear a child with the fear of a possible physical change. 

Today there are a lot of body enhancement surgeries that are made available for women. That includes a mummy makeover for women at the post-child bearing age. But the question is, is it mentally healthy for women? These surgeries have both negative and positive effects on mental health that women should always take note of. 

Looking at the Positive Side

Undergoing cosmetic surgery will increase one’s self-esteem. You will look good, which makes you feel good. Having control over your body, and having the capability to decide what needs to stay and what needs to be repaired is priceless.  

Some women are very conscious of their bodies, especially models and celebrities. After childbirth, many women resort to cosmetic surgeries to repair all the damage caused by childbearing. It brings back their self-confidence, which has a positive impact on our emotional well-being.

The main reason for women who undergo cosmetic surgery is to look and to feel good about themselves. And after the surgery, this is what most of them got. You will have the confidence to flaunt your enhancement. You can now wear whatever you want without worrying about how you will look. And this gives women emotional satisfaction, which offers a positive effect psychologically.

The Negative Effect

Post-surgical depression is the standard negative effect of cosmetic surgery on women. It is due to the changes in a person’s physical appearance. It would take time to adjust to the new changes to your appearance. 

Having this negative feeling does not mean that you do not like your new appearance. It is normal to feel different, but you will get used to it sooner or later. Professionals can help you cope up with this problem. You should seek out some help whenever you experience post-surgical depression. 

People with depression are advised to undergo psychological evaluation and counseling before proceeding for the operation. It will help reduce the risk associated with cosmetic surgery. 

A possibility of mental health problems worsens after cosmetic surgery has been recorded. Whether it is a direct effect of the surgery itself or is it the residue of an existing issue prior to the surgery is unknown. Study shows that most women who proceeded to cosmetic surgery have an existing mental health problem. It is the reason why it is hard to identify if post-op depression is legit. 

The expenses can also give you a negative feeling. Never think about what you have spent for the surgery. Instead, always look on a brighter side of things. You will feel guilty by spending all that money, but after you’ve seen the result, for sure, all you have paid is worth it. 

Being upset about your decision is normal. People do not have the same remarks towards your surgery, be confident about your decision and stand with it. Just like you, people around you will also take time to adjust to the changes they see in you. 

How to Overcome the Depression


You can win against post-surgery depression with the support of family and friends. A secure support system will help ease the negative thoughts you will encounter during the course of your recovery. But it will not end there. The depressing feeling will slowly go away over time. It is why support from loved ones should be continued even after the recovery period. 

Voice out your anxieties and all negative thoughts running through your mind, and it will help you relieve your emotional stress. Along with this, follow your surgeon’s instructions and take the prescribed medications religiously, and you will be back on track in no time. 

Give yourself time. Heal, recover, and accept the changes. This will help you lighten up the burden you are carrying. Do not overthink and take a lot of rest. As long as your support system is strong, you can overcome any depression. 


Cosmetic surgery is safe, both physically and mentally, when performed by licensed professionals. They will make sure that they are following the proper procedure from the counseling to the operation itself. If you are planning to undergo cosmetic surgery, make sure that you choose a licensed cosmetic surgeon to avoid future problems.