Have you ever wanted to do something but wanted to do it for the wrong reasons? We’ve all done it, especially when it comes to choosing which career path to take. A lot of times we choose certain careers because we think they will make us a lot of money or because we’re in love with the lifestyle it portrays. Choosing a career for those reasons without any passion behind it will lead you to a career of total and complete unhappiness.

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The fashion industry is one of those industries that tons of people flock to because they have preconceived notions about it… It’s not until you actually get into the industry that you realize that it's not exactly what you thought it was and immediately lose interest in it.

To aspiring fashion designers that think they know what it will be like to be a fashion designer, here’s what you probably think... A typical day in the life of a fashion designer is full of fabulous clothes, two-cheek kisses from celebrities, and being featured in Fashion Week… Well, for some of the world’s top designers, that is their reality at times, but not all the time. 

For those fashion designers to have those glamourous experiences, do you know how many late nights and early mornings they put in to achieve that level of success? Tons. On top of that, a lot of them had all kinds of doors slammed in their faces and endured thousands of “no’s” when trying to pitch their brand and clothing to different businesses. But somehow, they endured it all and made their own name in the industry… You’re going to be told no and have doors slammed in your face too but you have to persevere through it.

A funny fact about most fashion designers is that the glitz and glam that comes with success, is the very thing that fashion designers try to avoid… They’re most happy out of the spotlight and would rather their clothes be in the spotlight.

But regardless of if you want to be in the spotlight or not, you first have to achieve success, right? Of course. In order to achieve the level of success you crave, you’re going to have to do a few things first.

Success Tips That Every Fashion Designer Must Follow

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Tip 1: Think About Who You’re Designing For and Have a Realistic Approach
Just like you have to know who your target audience is in any other business, you also have to know who you’re designing for within fashion. As an aspiring fashion designer, you’re more than likely not going to have celebrity clients… YET! But you will probably design clothes that speak to working moms or entrepreneurs… 

The key is to figure out what types of clothes you enjoy designing and create those clothes for the real people who will be wearing them. According to fashionangelwarrior.com, you have to have an eye for fit on the body, whether it’s a man, woman, or child… and this is one of the skills necessary to become a great fashion designer.

Tip 2: Make Sure You Have More Than Just Passion
You’ve heard people say “passion for fashion”... Well, in order to make it in the fashion industry, you’re going to need more than just a passion for fashion… you’re going to need passion, determination, consistency, persistence, and perseverance.  

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to be told “no” and have doors slammed in your face… you’re even going to endure your closest friends and family members not believing in you, and to endure that, you’re going to need more than a passion for fashion to get through that. 

Your passion is what makes you love the industry as an artform but will it be enough to make you stick with it during the tough times? Only time will tell...

Tip 3: Invest in Your Brand Through Your Label
When people start their clothing business, they tend to focus on the “big” factors and neglect the “little” parts, like the clothing label… and that’s where so many designers go wrong. Designers that don’t know or understand the importance of a label will never have a successful brand. 

Your label is the foundation to becoming a designer label. Success in your brand isn’t just about the name either, it’s about how you display your brand. Look at your label as your very own mark in the fashion industry. Sites like https://wunderlabel.com/woven-labels/text-and-symbol/ allow you to express your creativity through text and symbol, to showcase your brand in the light you want.

With the right label, your brand can also become a household name as well!

Tip 4: Create Pieces That Will Last
As you know, fashion is always changing, and while it’s good to always keep up with the latest and growing fashion trends for women and men, you want to design fashion for the long haul… timeless pieces.

Things like the little black dress, a nice handbag, and a great pair of heels are all staples that will stand the tests of time. In your designs, really dig into your creativity to see what kind of timeless pieces you can come up with.

The Road to Success
Your journey to success isn’t going to be like other designers’ success stories… it will be all your own. Sure, the journey will have some bumps along the way but you can’t give up. If you truly have a passion for fashion, you’ll develop the other characteristics like determination and perseverance to stick it out. Just remember, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it but everyone isn’t… Everyone isn’t cut from the same piece of cloth.