For many relationships, it is inevitable that once the so-called honeymoon period is over, we will have sex less frequently with our partners. Whilst this isn’t the case for every couple, often as we settle down into the routine of a relationship and start to build a life, a home, and a family together, sex becomes less important to us than it was in the beginning. 


But does sex in a relationship has any importance at all after ten years of marriage? Are relationships where couples still have sex regularly more healthy than relationships where couples rarely or never have sex? In this article, we will look at some of the benefits that sex brings to a relationship and try to answer the question: “After ten years of marriage, is sex still important?” 

Sex is a Great Way to Have Fun Together
At its most basic, sex is a fantastic (and completely cost-free) way for couples to have fun together. When you have been with your partner for a long time, sex can be especially satisfying because you know the other person intimately and know what they like. Sex is just a great wat to enjoy each other as sexual beings which makes a change from the responsibilities of being a breadwinner or a parent. The folks at Promescent explained to us that after ten years of marriage, many couples will have children, careers, and other responsibilities that take up a lot of their time and thoughts. Sex with your husband or wife is just a brilliant way to forget about all that and have a night (or morning) (or afternoon!) to just be together and pleasure each other.

Sex Helps You to Stay Connected Romantically
When we get married, it is usually because we want to build a life with that person. What that life will contain is different for different couples but it may contain children, a mortgage, a savings account and countless other daily considerations that at times can make a relationship seem like you are co-managing a business. As relationships mature, there tends to be less dirty talk and more conversations about budgets. Sex is the best way to connect with your spouse as a lover, to reaffirm the intimacy that is only shared by the two of you. 

It can provide the energy that your relationship needs to power it through the hard times that all couples experience. Sex can be a great way to settle disputes, to relax after a difficult parenting day or to relieve the stress of a trying financial situation. Sex is also fantastic for celebrating anniversaries, promotions, pregnancies, and pay raises. Ultimately, a married couple is a team and sex can be the very best team bonding.

Sex Helps You to Stay Fit and Healthy Together
These days more and more married couples are working out together or joining the same fitness centers in order to spend time together whilst staying in shape. Sex is a fantastic exercise and you don’t have to pay any monthly membership fees or buy any expensive weights or running machines. The average person burns the same amount of calories having sex that they would be running one mile and that is without even having to leave your bed. Regular sex can boost immunity and improve heart health so by having sex with your husband and wife, you are actively your life expectancy and consequently, increasing the amount of time you have left together. Sex with your spouse literally adds years onto your marriage.  


Sex is Great for Self-Confidence
One of the major insecurities for people who have been in a relationship for a long time is the feeling that their partner does not find them as attractive as they used to. For a couple who has been married for ten years, this can lead to loss of self-confidence and worries about infidelity which can cause enormous tension in a marriage. Regular sex with your wife or husband shows them that you are still attracted to them and that they are the same in your eyes as they were on your first night together. Getting older, watching our bodies change and our energy decline can be very hard, but if your partner still finds you attractive then it can significantly improve your perception of your own body.

Sex can be just important after ten years of marriage as it was in the beginning of a relationship. Sex helps couples to connect, is a fantastic way to have fun and stay fit together, and is the best affirmation of their fidelity and commitment to the relationship. Whilst every couple is different, regular sex with your partner is a great way to help sustain a healthy, happy marriage.