Dogs are cute and loveable creatures that can be a pet or your companion. Some dogs can guard, assist, and entertain many people and dog owners. Most individuals and homes own dogs, and they become part of the family. 

They say that dogs are man's best friend, well, that is true because they can love you more than they love themselves. They are angels in a dog’s body. Because of their traits and personalities, many would favor to have them as a pet rather than other animals. You can quickly train dogs to guard your house, for defensive purposes, and make them do simple tasks like holding a basket or getting something from your home.

While dogs are magnificent animals, they also have different breeds. There are many dog breeds out there, and they vary in size, shape, face, markings, height, and even personalities. Some dogs are easy to train, and some are not. But the only common thing is that they can be an essential part of your family. So here are the top breeds that you might want to own.

German Shepherd Dog
They are smart, and you can train them efficiently, the popular breed is active and loves to do something. That’s the reason why german shepherds have to exercise daily; otherwise, they become high-strung and mischievous. They are also perfect for other pets and children, but because of their instincts in guarding, they are leerier to people that they do not know.

Some of the facts about German Shepherd is that the U.S military force favors this breed on their roster. It is because German Shepherds are more aggressive, athletic, loyal, and intelligent. The combination of those traits is well suited for military needs and duties. The German Shepherds can also join the soldiers from a parachute. The military trained their GSDs during the World Wars on handling parachute from their aircraft. But if you want to know more facts about this dog breed, check out the german shepherd facts.

Labrador Retrievers
Labradors are popular, and they are very friendly. They are great companions and housemates that the whole family can bond with, and they can socialize well with other dogs and people. But never mistake its personality that is easy going for low-energy, because Labs are enthusiastic and athletic that need a lot of exercises, like a game of fetching, swimming, and more. It is to make them mentally and physically fit.

Labradors are also handy for working dogs. In history, they are a fisherman’s helper, they haul nets, fetching ropes, and retrieve fish from the cold North Atlantic. Nowadays, Labs are hardworking and good-natured like their ancestors, and they are also the most popular breed in America. Today’s Labrador work as a retriever for hunters, shows competitors, search and rescue, assistance dogs, and more jobs for the canine.

Golden Retrievers
The Golden Retriever dogs are sturdy, medium-size muscular dogs, famous for the dense, beautiful gold coat that provides the name of the breed. Their broad head, with their intelligent and friendly eyes, straight muzzle, and short ears, are the hallmark of the breed. In motion, Golden Retrievers move smoothly, powerful gait, and carrying their feathery tails, as what the breed fanciers say, with a “merry action.”

Final Thoughts
Dogs are loving and loyal creatures that you can love quickly. They are an extended family member that will love and guard you. If you happen to have a dog, always love them with all your heart because they love you more than anything else in this world.