The official language of India is Hindi, but if we talk about the commonly speak the language; they used to talk in their mother language. Therefore, they have different entertainment industries and produce feature films, dramas, and theater in their specific style. Bollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries in India. Still, Telugu movies provide under the banner of Tollywood, also consider one of the best production of southern India where people used to watch these movies and listen to the songs.

The Telugu fans love to hear the songs, and therefore, the industry release thousands of songs in one year. The ratio of the hit songs is far more as compared to Bollywood. Tollywood also considers the best industry in terms of technicalities, skills, and professionalism. They use advanced technology and High-Tec cameras that produce the best motion scenes. 

The fans of the Telugu movies and songs used to wait for the upcoming movies and songs of their favorite stars. If you are looking for the Telugu songs and telugu songs download options, you must follow us. Here we are going to enlist upcoming songs that you must add into your playlist.

1. Rang De
2. Aayudha Poratam
3. Hormones
4. Narasimharaju
5. Madrasi
6. Jagath Jenthri
7. Natudu
8. Saradaa
9. Sarweshwar
10. Pushpa
11. Jaan

The above is the song that is highly recommended so if you want some light, classics and fantastic music, you must try these. Let’s check out why they are famous for what reason?

Why Telugu songs are famous:

1. Movie stars:

First of the entire movie stars of Tollywood are also famous worldwide; they not only work with the Telugu industry but also play some roles in Hindi cinema and even Hollywood. So, when these starts come with any song, the fans love to download their songs and play everywhere.

2. Quality of the song:

Tollywood has one of the best music composers and songwriters that put all the effort into producing the best song. They never compromise on the quality of the songs, but they deliver the emotional and motivating songs. Every song has a story that you can understand even you don’t recognize the language. 

3. Music:

You can find slow, up-beat, wedding, and emotional all types of songs, but they have one common quality, and that is the beauty of the presentation. They play very good music that never harms to the ears even the music runs for hours, but you will never get annoyed with it.

Moreover, if you are fond of music, then you must add some of the best musical numbers of Telugu songs. You can quickly get the song in mp3 or mp4 format that you can download from any website for free. You can also watch the HD video of the song on YouTube or the official website of the Movie or song release company. Enjoy every bit of it and explore more every day and enhance the playlist.