Utility wear had been a fashion trend for many years now. It all started in the late 2000s when people began wearing military-inspired coats. They also incorporate patches on pockets that resemble military personnel. Some would also wear camouflage shirts with stars and numbers printed around. These nostalgic ideas started to change the perspective of the trend. 

Nowadays, people are more inclined to subtle styles. Pieces related to utility became normal without the emphasis of prints and colors. Fabric and silhouettes had become the trend’s focus. Since 2020 accumulated inspirations from the previous decade, it blended with other patterns. So, what are these pieces that you can buy? Let’s find out.

1. Military Timepiece

Watches are crucial pieces when it comes to style. The type of your watch will depend on what you wear, and there’s no denying in that. This means that you should have a specific timepiece for every possible occasion. If you are wearing formal clothes, you cannot wear an outdoor watch. But, it doesn’t mean that you’ll need every type of watch – just invest in something versatile. 

If you like this trend, then the pieces from the Hamilton Khaki Field collection are for you. These are military-inspired watches used in rugged activities, without compromising the quality. These are available in various colors, including camouflage and monochrome steel. 

2. Multi-pocket Utility Vest

Gone are the days when only soldiers were allowed to wear multi-pocket vests. These pieces can vary from many colors and materials – green mesh, black Kevlar, and many more. In the previous year, many streetwear enthusiasts wore vests, matched with bucket hats. This tactical aesthetic uplifted, allowing marketers to sell what seems to be “safari” essentials. 

3. Cargo Pants

If you think cargo pants are cringe-worthy, well, you’re wrong. Tactical Ops have been wearing these bottoms, only that they cuff them with boots. Eventually, this became an inspiration but was only worn loose, as boots were just options. Skateboarders and musicians pair these cargos with any rubber shoes, and they’re good to go. 

For an exact utility fit, there are also cargo sets available in stores and online. For women who love to wear fatigue pieces, fast fashion companies like H&M are cycling in similar articles. You can always match these overalls with leather boots to complete your look. 

4. Heavy Cotton Shirts

Shirts are everyday pieces that you need. There are tons of designs, colors, and materials for this kind of top. These would include pure cotton and polyester blends. But, in utility wear, the best quality to opt for should be heavy cotton. Since the ensemble speaks of utility, you must incorporate durability in your look. And this can go from plain t-shirts, work polos, and many more. 

Brands like Carhartt give out the best heavy cotton shirts. As much as the brand focuses on work and hunting clothes, they also lean on the utility-streetwear culture. They have collaborated with many streetwear brands like Brain-Dead, Converse, and even Nike. Wearing their pieces will give you confidence and not some other impressions. 

5. Premium Nylon Sneakers 

Shoes are much needed to complete the fit. These are your best bets when it comes to fashion, as it brings the whole silhouette gravitated. This means that wearing the appropriate sneakers will give the correct impression. And with this theme, the best utility footwear that you can have is running around nylon. 

Nylon is a very tough material. It even surpasses the strength of polyester when it comes to fabric. And when you incorporate this material into the said trend, it’ll be a perfect match. A brand called “Cordura” had been collaborating with sneaker brands like New Balance. Carhartt also did a shoe collaboration with Converse, all with Cordura features.


Getting into the utility wear trend is easy. Once you get a good background run on materials and brands, you are good to go. One advantage of investing in this trend is its ability to last long. With elements like nylon and military-grade fabrics, your wardrobe will not suffer. Also, you can use this style as your daily casual, hence its rugged and sturdy characteristics.