Are you going to enjoy the sun and the company on a playa in Mexico or Europe this summer? Then you need to make sure you don’t forget the basics while packing! Next to clothes, a boatload of sunscreen and a big towel, there are some must-haves you need to bring that you might not think of instantly. But luckily for you we’ll gladly help you out! 

1. Fun beach games

Just lying on the beach is enough for some people, but for some it can get old pretty soon. That’s why you need to bring a lot of fun beach games! We recommend packing both non-active and active games. Fun non-active games that don’t take a lot of space in your suitcase e.g. are UNO, a deck of cards and Kubb. When it comes to active games, it’s always fun to have a beach ball, some frisbees and maybe even a kite with you. Nevertheless, chances are other friend groups or families bring them too, so it can get confusing which ones are yours. Luckily there’s a solution to that! You can print text or photos on your games to personalize them. How hilarious would it be if your frisbee got printed (Dutch: frisbees bedrukken) to show a group photo? Or if your beach balls all have funny sayings on them? (Dutch: strandballen bedrukken). Play volleyball with a beach ball if they provide a volleyball net at the beach.

2. A good pair of sunglasses

When you’re on a beach holiday, it’s really important to protect yourself. Not just by making sure you’re protected by SPF, but also by wearing good sunglasses to protect your eyes. Fun fact: you can also buy printed sunglasses (Dutch: zonnebrillen bedrukken) for your group of friends. Time to find a good hashtag or catchphrase for your holiday! In addition, sunglasses can help you to look stylish and good. It is not just that sunglasses are often worn just for the looks instead of the real function from it.

3. Reusable water bottle

We know there’s a big chance you’re going to enjoy some beers and cocktails while on holiday. But you can’t forget to hydrate, preferably with water! That’s why you need a good, reusable water bottle. Anno 2020 many beach resorts have special taps with drinking water, so you don’t have to keep on buying single-use plastic bottles. You are also taking good care of the environment. And you will also not be thirsty for a moment.

4. Books

Maybe this is unnecessary to name, but never underestimate a good book. Do you want to spend some time alone? Reading a book is a perfect way to ensure relaxation. Take a break from your friends and take your moment alone! Maybe your friends will also be happy if you isolate yourself for a little while because they are tired of you after one week.

Enjoy your holiday with your friends! We are sure that you will not be bored after reading this article.