One of the most spectacular styles that make every woman look a goddess in conventional style is the bohemian style. It has made a solid place in the fashion lines of all top brands over the years. Unlike their early days, boho clothes are easy to find both in local markets and online outlets like the Ministry of Style. The style longs for freedom and breaks all rules and deep-rooted stereotypes. It is an impeccable source of inspiration and reflects a unique and individualistic ideology. 

The boho style is experiencing an exponential rise in adoration by people from all sections of society and all walks of life as all its elements perfectly translate the idea of freedom and liberation of modern women. As the style is extremely feminine yet strongly depicts the strength and spark of the women, it has become a staple to everyone’s wardrobe. Here are some tips to nail the style.

Knowing the key elements
Before you can start putting together the boho outfits, it is important to know about different key elements that form the foundation of the style. 

Use natural fabric like cotton, leather, denim, velvet, linen, fur, silk, etc.
Use of multiple layers of different textures
Comfort is a must in everything that you wear. For shoes pick wedge or platform heels that are not too high
Lavish and bold accessories and jewelry pieces. Use plenty of them like belts, sunglasses, scarfs, earrings, bracelets, headpieces, earrings, etc
Bright or neutral colors preferably natural hues (compulsory exclusion of neon shades)
Playful and fun patterns like florals, checks, etc.
Hand-made designs with fringes, laces, knitted, etc.
Boho-chic style types
Knowing basic elements, you can think of ways to put them together to create an unmatched and lively style of your own. Although you can use any combination there are three fundamental ways to create boho-chic looks.

Classic boho style
The most common way to create a classic boho look is to combine the jacquard design prints with details of knitwears, velvet, and mohair.
Romantic boho style
This needs more soft and light-weight fabrics like chiffon decorated with laces. The use of floral prints, bows, ribbons, etc. are encouraged. This style is closer to vintage looks.
Boho hippie style
This is more inspired by the hippie style that creates a lavish look. You can use bright colors and create romantic girly vibes.

Bohemian accessories are often bold, loud, and over the top. One of the most common components is fedora hats, turbans, or headwraps. You will also find colorful long scarfs, big sun-glasses in vintage style, and bracelets. Other things you can look for are large earrings, rings, pendants, boots, and belts. These bold accessories are often made in visibly large-sizes. Natural and earthy material is often used like leather, feather, less-expensive and less-precious stones that are not shaped and polished, shells, beads, threads, etc. The neckpieces are often long and earrings are also dropping lower. You can also look for Arabic finger rings, African necklaces, or Mexican bracelets to your bohemian look. When the clothing is loose and layered and accessories are big and bold, it is best to keep the makeup minimal. You can keep your hair loose, use a neutral foundation to complete your look.