The majority of the world’s population agrees that charitable efforts are essential in providing a stable life for all. Charity brings food to the hungry, provides shelter to the homeless, and gives money to the poor. It’s an essential element in society, helping to improve the lives of underprivileged populations, but separate acts of charity are just a temporary solution to the problems in the world. The world needs big, thoughtful solutions that not only identify the root causes of problems but addresses them head on in a thoughtful, systemic way. The world needs philanthropic efforts that address the root of big problems with big ideas. 

The world needs more philanthropists in the world who can improve the lives of the people around the world by addressing the root causes of societal issues. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two of the most notable philanthropists in the world, but they are not alone. There are other personalities making philanthropic efforts on a significant scale in order to impact a huge change in the world. One such figure is Dr. Nicolas Porter. 

Born and raised in Heber, Arizona, Nicolas Porter is a dentist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is making considerable efforts to make dental care accessible to all. As dental care is often one of the most expensive branches of healthcare, it sometimes makes it impossible for people to get the required dental treatments at the right time. Dr. Porter is working to change that.

Dr. Nico, as he is often affectionately called, is an American dentist who founded Risas Dental & Braces on September 3, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. Before he founded the clinic, he was finding huge success with Porter Dental. It was during this time that he realized there was a need to set up a facility that offers an affordable dental care plan to patients on a wider scale. He laid the groundwork of Risas Dental with an aim to make proper oral health and treatment critical to overall health and accessible to all.

The dental philanthropist launched his clinic just a day before Labor Day. The day on which the clinic became operational, it offered free dental care services to all patients who visited. Since then, the clinic holds a Labor of Love Day every year on Labor Day. On this day, Dr. Nico makes dental care free for the first hundred patients from 8 a.m. to 12 noon across all its locations. 

According to experts, it is best if people pay at least one visit to the dentist every year. There are people who avoid these annual visitations just because they cannot afford it. Dr. Nicolas provides an opportunity for the people to get that yearly consultation for free on every Labor Day and with the opening of each new clinic. It is a beneficial initiative taken by him that helps people keep up with their annual dental visits without worrying about the high cost. From the day Dr. Nico set up his clinic till today, he has given away over $5.5 million in free dental care through his Labor of Love events. 

On May 23, 2015, Dr. Nicolas Porter launched the Smile Equality Tour. The primary aim of this tour was to spread smiles around the world through top-quality dental healthcare in areas where people are living below the poverty line. Dr. Nicolas Porter stated, “My greatest belief is that everybody, regardless of economic background, deserves to smile." Peru, a South American Country, was the first on the list where Dr. Nico went to offer his dental services. He wants to utilize his expertise to improve the lives of people who are deprived of primary resources. The dental professional and entrepreneur is focused on creating a ripple effect with his philanthropic efforts. 

The gap between dental care available for the rich and that available for the poor is rising rapidly all around the globe. Due to lack of funds, people living close to the poverty line are generally unable to afford dental care. Consequently, they can fall victim to severe periodontal diseases that lead to deteriorating overall health. Dr. Nicolas is making efforts to address the rising gap and trying to make dental care affordable and accessible to all. He believes that an unstable financial condition should not prevent one from getting the dental care they need. The policies of Dr. Porter ensure that every individual receives the dental care they need at an affordable rate. 

In addition to his efforts to make dental care affordable and accessible to all, Dr. Porter hosted a popular radio show, “Dr. Nicolas Show.” He is passionate about spreading smiles by using his knowledge and expertise. The show ran regularly on the radio in Phoenix, Arizona. He uses the platform to spread awareness about oral health and hygiene. He is making extensive efforts to help people spend a happy and healthy life by addressing their dental health problems without any stress. 

The efforts of Dr. Porter received significant acclaim and recognition. He is a recipient of the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2014 Health Care Hero award. In the year 2015, Dr. Porter got listed as the most admired leader.

The dental clinic chain, Risas Dental & Braces, was founded on September 3, 2011. The first clinic of this chain was established in Phoenix, Arizona. The clinic runs under Dr. Nicolas Porter and offers general dentistry services along with orthodontal care. Today, the dental clinic chain provides services in areas including Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona. The majority of the staff across different locations of Risas Dental is bilingual. Currently, Risas Dental & Braces operates with 25 clinics, and since its establishment has served more than 500,000 patients.