There are millions of disabled individuals in the world, but only a few of them get a chance to live their dream life and achieve their goals. The biggest reason is that their parents keep them in isolation, away from the world. For these people, hiding their kids from the world is the right approach. These parents do not take this difficult step because they are ashamed of their beloved kids; it is because they want to keep them safe from the harsh stares and words of the world. 

When people with disabilities are exposed to society, they have to face all types of stares, ranging from surprised and disgusted to frightened and sympathetic. Although these stares can discourage and demotivate people, not facing these can prevent their mental growth. Parents need to be strong and give their kids a chance to live their life which will help them overcome their physical disability, just like Ghanim Al Muftah did! He is a young boy who, despite being physically disabled, is living his life according to his wishes. It would not have been a possibility if his parents had kept him away from the world and the influence of society.  


The 17-year-old Ghanim Al Muftah is a Qatari resident who was born on 5th May 2002. His life is full of hardships. From the time of his birth to his present age, he has faced major challenges. However, it did not stop him from doing what he loves. His determination, along with his family’s support, made him one of the most inspirational personalities in the world. 

He was born without three-quarters of his body’s bones as he was affected by Caudal Regression Syndrome. It is a severe form of a physical disability that negatively impacts the growth of the lower limbs. He does not have any legs, and he moves around using his hands. Moreover, he refused to use a wheelchair when he went to perform a pilgrimage in Mecca. 

Even before his birth, his mother had to go through a tough time. While she was carrying Ghanim in her womb, the doctors suggested an abortion. The medical experts had notified his mother about Ghanim’s physical condition. She was told that her baby would not survive, and going forward with the pregnancy will put her life in danger. Her determination and her love for her unborn child did not let her give up. She decided to proceed with her pregnancy, knowing the consequences it would have on her life. If it had not been Ghanim’s mother’s strong will power and determination, the world would have been deprived of a soulful and inspirational personality like  Ghanim Al Muftah.  

In TEDxQatar, while sharing his life story, Ghanim stated, “Without God’s mercy and my mother’s bravery, I would not have lived.” Not only has his mother played a significant role in making Ghanim an epitome of strength and courage for the world, but also his father has been supportive throughout. During pregnancy, Ghanim’s mother informed her husband about the doctor’s suggestion and the diagnosis of their baby’s physical disability. Upon hearing the devastating news, Ghanim’s father replied, “I am his right leg and you are his left.”

Both his parents showed the highest form of courage and determination. They did not stop making efforts even after Ghanim’s birth. At the time of his admission to a school, not many institutes were willing to take him. Parents of other kids were skeptical about letting their little ones be in the same school as Ghanim. Ghanim’s mother held meetings with various schools and spread a message that everyone has a right to education and nothing; even physical disability can stop one from getting their right. The time in school for this young disabled kid was not easy as kids did not like playing with him or being in Ghanim’s company. It hurt Ghanim and upon his complaint, his mother helped him understand his schoolmates are scared of hurting him and not scared of him. His mother’s words made Ghanim grow into an optimistic individual, despite the sea of challenges and struggles he had suffered. 

It is after looking at the efforts made by Ghanim’s parents that the world understands that determination can overpower disability. Not only is Ghanim an inspiration for humanity but even his parents set an example for the world. Physical disability can hinder one’s physical movement but it cannot take away someone’s right to live and accomplish their life goals. 

Ghanim is an example for the world as he never let his physical disability get to his head. His mother taught him the importance of accepting reality and using his reality for his own good. Along with his mother's strength and father’s support, Ghanim showed a praise-worthy level of determination. Ghanim Al Muftah is fond of sports and wishes to be a part of Paralympics. He loves swimming, ice hockey, and skateboarding. Scuba diving is another of his favorite sports. Ghanim’s mother designed a scuba diving suit for him. BCD turned her design into a physical suit, the smallest scuba diving suit, and made it possible for Ghanim to experience the best of scuba diving. He is such a determined individual that despite his physical disability, he climbed 3000 meters to the top of Jebel Shams. Moreover, he even dove 20 meters deep in the sea, which is an accomplishment in itself. 

Ghanim has more than 8 books in  his name, all with his family efforts. His mom wrote, designed, and distributed them for free to make the community accept Ghanims disability. In addition to this, Ghanim is a motivation speaker who shares his experiences with school and university students. The young boy’s achievements are not just confined to sports, but he has his own business which makes him Qatar’s youngest entrepreneur. He runs an ice cream business and manages 60 employees. The United Nations – UN chose Ghanim as the youngest official speaker for more than 42 countries. He was also the goodwill ambassador of the Qatari-based non-profit organization, Reach Out to Asia for their “Empowering Palestinian Refugee Children and Youth through Sports in Lebanon” program. The Qatar Financial Center chose him as their brand ambassador. The Qatari teenager, with his family’s support, set up Ghanim Association, a non-profit organization that supplies wheelchairs to those in need. Even the most prominent individuals including have recognized his humanitarian and social activities. The influential people who have recognized the efforts of Ghanim includes Shk. Hamad Bin Khalifa, father Emir of Qatar, Shk. Sabah Al Ahmad, Emir of Kuwait, Shk. Mohmmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister Of Dubai, and many others. 

Ghanim Al Muftah is a true inspiration for the world, and his parents are the perfect example of support. Ghanim learned to be determined and strong from his mother. He is an optimistic individual who is not only living a life according to his choice but also helping other people improve their living conditions. Ghanim aims to become a diplomat. He wishes to study international politics and become an ambassador for Qatar.