Private Pay Home Care is also known as “out- of-pocket pay” where an individual who receives home care services pays for it themselves. 

Private Pay Home care is an increasing benefit for seniors with chronic illnesses or those who are unable to take care of themselves. With such a home care option, it may be best for the needs of your loved ones. The service usually comes from an agency, or it is possible to hire a private caregiver by your own means. 

Being that private pay is a subset for home care in general, private care gives clients the option to be more comfortable in their environment. The caregivers provide a vast range of responsibilities including medical care to paying bills and transportation to running errands. With home care, the goal becomes to make the individual who is being cared for as comfortable as possible and independent to live within their own homes.

What Services does a Private Pay Home Care attendant provide?

Private Pay Home Attendants often have the following duties upon request:

Bathing or Dressing, hygiene care, transportation and/or ambulation
Meal Preparations 
Reminding and assisting with Medication
Transportation for errands, doctor visits and more
Lastly, they become companions 

What are the payment methods for Private Pay Home Care?

The main difference between traditional home care and private pay is the factor of payment method. 

There are several options that a private pay service may take. The first is the full coverage of medical insurance, meaning that the insurance company pays for the customer. The other method includes medicare insurance where the insurance policy either supports the medicare or take in place of the medicare. 

As a private pay home care service, the patients often pay for such services out of pocket or from a long term insurance that compensates. Depending on the agency, there are different forms of payment methods which include multiple combinations of insurances such as Medicare, Medicaid and private pay. 

With Private Pay Home Care, it becomes an excellent way to have your senior feel safe, secure and independent. With the additional benefit of having someone take care of your loved one’s needs, they may also acquire a new companion that allows your loved one to no longer feel lonely. 

All Heart Homecare Agency provides Home Health Care and Private Pay Home Care to those in need. With the independence they recieve, individuals can customize their needs for the plan of care and have the ability to carry through their days more easily.

All Heart Homecare has received many awards due to their excellent service and quality care including Dime’s Best of Brooklyn in 2020!

If you are looking for a home health care service that pertains to your needs, keep in mind that you have several options and the best one is all up to you.