Cleansing is the first step of your skincare routine and perhaps the most important as well. It is the process where the skin takes off all the dirt that has accumulated into your skin throughout the day. It is an imperative step that helps in preventing breakouts, dehydration, clogging and sensitivity. 

But to get the most of the cleanser, you should pick the one that suits your skin. For instance, Korean brand a'pieu's foam cleanser lathers up when mixed with water and cleanse your skin thoroughly to remove the impurities. There are many other types of cleansers that you should know about. And, in this blog, we will be discussing some of the popular options – 

1. Foam Cleanser 

Considering that we have already talked a little about a'pieu foam cleanser, let's start with that. These types of cleaners are lightweight and come in the form of cream or gel. When you mix them with water, they form a rich lather. 

The foam effect is the result of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLF, which can make the skin slightly dry. These types of cleansers are ideal for people with oily or combination. However, you can find sulphate-free foam cleanser such as a'pieu that would not irritate the skin while providing you with foaming feel. 

2. Gel Cleanser 

Gel cleansers are quite lightweight and provide thorough cleansing. They have a jelly-like texture and needs deep rinsing-off after the application. They are ideal for cleaning the pores and removing acne-causing bacteria. These cleansers also have hydrating ingredients; leaving your skin feel fresh and moist. 

Moreover, gel texture is the base for many face exfoliators and scrubs. You will find a gel cleanser for every skin type. They stand at the middle of cleanser spectrum where there is one for everyone. All you have to note is the additives in the cleanser. 

3. Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers have heavier consistency. While some can be wiped off with a cloth, others require rinsing. They are ideal for removing make or keeping your skin clean when you are not wearing makeup. 

These are extremely moisturizing and considered ideal for dry skin. They are also the best cleansers to use during the winter season. Post cleansing, your skin will feel creamy, making it ideal for dry skin but not so much for oily skin. Additionally, the their heavy texture might also result in clogging so your toner or serum might be able to penetrate through the skin effectively. 

4. Oil Cleanser 

These cleaners are typically used for removing makeup. They are step one of the double cleaning process, where the oils in the cleansers combine with the oils on your face and dissolve them. They break down the makeup particles, making it easier to remove them. These cleaners are highly nourishing to the skin and are suitable for all skin type when combines with right cleanser afterwards. 

There you have it, above are some of the popular face cleansers that you should know about. It is important you know your skin type and choose the cleanser that best goes with it.