Music is one of the most loved and prevalent kind of expression. It is an art form that holds the power to bring life to words. It has the ability to touch lives, inspire people, and most importantly, it makes a person passionate about something.

Music is the single most pleasurable way of entertainment. There are hundreds of music concerts held throughout the world. Whether the concert is at an international level or just within the walls of someone’s home, it brings people together. It can make people forget their troubles, worries, as well as their differences with each other and just enjoy what they are listening to. Apart from that, music releases positive vibrations that soothe the mind for releasing stress and anxiety. They also provide comfort, elevate the mood, and help in  focusing better.

One of the most important features of music is that it has the power of moving people emotionally. While for some people, the lyrics might speak their hearts out; for others, the music beats themselves are enough for moving their hearts and souls.

There are different kinds of music, and every person listens to something that harmonizes with their taste. Some prefer listening to hip-hop, jazz, pop-rock while others might find peace in instrumental music. One of the most popular forms of music in today’s world is Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Electro music revolves around sounds that are unusual but pleasing. The first-ever “electronic pop” record was released during 1957. Since then, artists around the world have carried this trend forward. One of the most notable people when it comes to deep tech, minimal/ deeptech, deephouse and techhouse, Adriana Ruppert is making her mark in the industry.

ADRIANA RUPPERT- a Peek in the DJ’s Life
German-based Dj, Adriana Ruppert is the second born in the family. Ruppert and her older sister, Anca, have always been really close. For Ruppert, Anca has been an inspiration and a constant support in achieving her goals.

Adriana was an active participant in sports and enjoyed playing volleyball. Ruppert got her first job when she was 13. She would deliver newspapers at 5 am every Sunday morning. The fact that she knew all the important news before everyone else made her happy.

Ruppert had been an art enthusiast from a very young age. She had a talent for, and actually like drawing. Even though many people around her used to point out that she was really good at it, Ruppert never wanted to pursue a career in drawing.

She grew up listening to electronic music and eventually developed a love for music. Her inclination towards music made her pick up piano lessons during her childhood days. From there on, Ruppert began composing music. She spent a lot of her time in recording studios in Germany and USA, which made her realize her one true passion- a career in music.

To pursue this dream, she felt the need to learn more and graduated as a music producer. Her desire to delve deeper into the music industry became stronger when she was introduced to
the analog and modular world. During this time, she began thinking of pursuing a career as a DJ, and her connection with electro music made it clearer to her more than ever. In an interview, she said, “I always liked that the sounds have been very sophisticated. The speed or BPM of the genre has caught my attention ... it’s strange, intense, and very marked sounds.”

Her connection, paired with her skills, helped her record songs and gain recognition. On 20th November 2017, she released “Just Dance” independently. The record gained popularity worldwide, including Spain, Turkey, Greece, and New York. The record sky-rocketed in the Latin parts of the world as well, including Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

The overwhelming response and her growing admiration for South American and African sounds pushed her to release more records. Touring throughout Europe and American continent, the German DJ has made fans across the two continents. She released ‘Adjust’ and The Damn Thing’ were ranked 2nd and 5th on Beatport top 10 while her track  ‘Twisted Impulses’ was ranked 10th in the charts. Ruppert’s original mix ‘Hmm’ gained 19th rank in the Beatport top 100 while the Jey Kurmis Remix of Ruppert’s iFreak was ranked 7th in Beatport’s Best New Hype Minimal/Deep Tech in October.

In 2016, she founded ‘Hatching Creatures’ and co-owns it today with renowned Dj/Producer Julian Velez from Miami. With the company, she dreams of delivering the message, “We appreciate real music producers who work hard and deliver genuine music!” across the world. Hatching Creatures also hosts a radio show “Hatching Creatures Radio Show.” The show introduces new artists and new tracks to the fans of underground electronic music. Rupert's efforts have made her the recipient of two awards; Galardon Mara International 2019 – Mejor Productora Musical, and Djane Mag Latin America – Dj Productora Revelación 2019.

Today, Ruppert is gaining identity internationally. She stands among the most reputed figures in the electronic music sector in Germany. Apart from music, she is also a travel enthusiast and enjoys meeting new people.