Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Azim Premji, and Elizabeth Segerstrom are some of the world’s most influential people who are making the world a better place to live. 

These are the most notable philanthropists the world has seen, and their efforts are working wonders for the betterment of the society. Do you know what true and eternal happiness is? Is it achieving success in the world? Well, achieving success is not what true happiness is, when you use your success to build a better place for the humankind, that is when you achieve eternal happiness. These people are not only the most successful entities, but they are using their success to improve society. 

People who are kind towards humans and make efforts to improve the world for them are true philanthropists. These individuals deserve to stand in the limelight and receive appreciation for the work they do from all around the world. It is common for people to confuse charitable people with philanthropists. Although both types of people intend to bring betterment in society, it is how they do it where the main difference lies. The focus of the charity is to reduce the suffering of the people, usually at the hands of social problems. On the other hand, the focus of philanthropy is to address the social problems, find their solutions, and prevent them.  


People have ambiguous views about philanthropy. To help you understand the concept, take an example of an individual who has not eaten for three days. Now, if you approach that individual and provide them with food or monthly food supplies, you are ending their suffering. However, what you are doing will give temporary happiness to that person. After the supplies end, the person will come back to that state of hunger. Another approach that you can opt for here is that you teach the person the way to grow food. Now, you see the difference. By charity work, you are ending a person’s suffering temporarily. As a philanthropist, you address the root cause and provide a permanent solution to the problem. Charity does make a difference in the world, but the philanthropy that can end the suffering once and for all by adding the root of the problem and taking measures to prevent it from happening in the future. 


We know that the primary purpose of philanthropists is to work for the wellbeing of humankind by providing a solution to social problems. It is an innate characteristic of a human being, but it can even develop over the years. The only requirement here is a kind heart and a compassionate soul. The act of kindness can do wonders for society. It can uplift the entire structure and improve the living conditions of people who are living below the poverty line and are struggling to survive in the world. The more philanthropists there are in a society, the higher are its moral, political, and philosophical gains. 

Philanthropy plays a crucial role in the betterment of society. Why? Unlike charity, it is what opens doors to opportunities. It supports projects, campaigns, and efforts that focus on eliminating a social problem from its roots. Sometimes, these campaigns do not receive adequate support from the government, and this is where philanthropists enter. The thing that makes these people reliable and true to the cause is that they take steps out of their own goodwill. They are not answerable to the government nor the public; they do it because they want to, and no one can really affect their efforts. 


One of the major societal concerns is unemployment. It is a reason why people sleep without eating at night and eventually give up by choosing death for themselves. High unemployment rates negatively impact the economic situation of society. The root cause of unemployment is illiteracy and lack of job opportunities. By building top-quality schools, the world ensures that everyone gets access to educational opportunities, which can help them land at highly esteemed positions.

Moreover, the lack of opportunities is another reason why unemployment rates are so high. By building industries around the country can increase the employment opportunities for all people. It is one-way philanthropy is helping in addressing a major concern of the world that is unemployment. 


There is a lot a country’s government must investigate, and it is not possible to address all problems altogether. The pressure from the public is intense, which is what puts a lot of pressure on the government. With philanthropists working for the betterment of society, things get better not only for the people suffering but also for the government. The government can focus on other important issues while the NGOs and other organizations work to address social problems, including domestic violence, hunger, and other issues. 

It does not mean that the government must take their hands out of the situation completely, but it reduces the public's reliance on social issues that the government bodies cannot provide a solution to. The philanthropists and the government can work together to improve the living conditions for the people. The combined efforts can lead to a better and stable society. 


The act of giving back to society is one of the best ways to improve it. Philanthropy evokes gratitude, which leads the way for happiness, satisfaction, and good health. It works wonders in strengthening social bonds. A society where philanthropy prevails is where we see happy people.

Moreover, it instills awareness among people and exposes them to the idea of giving back to society. The act of giving is contagious. When one helps a person in need, it triggers a chain reaction where people begin to help each other, without any expectations of return. It spurs a ripple effect where people begin to practice generosity. 


Philanthropy and charity together can uplift society and make the world a better place for people. By addressing the root cause of social problems and by sowing the seeds of change, philanthropy can positively impact society. The best thing about philanthropists is that they do best out of their hearts and not because they want to make a big name for themselves. Most of the philanthropists are influential people and billionaires who do not need to ‘play nice’ to make a name for themselves. Their acts influence other people, and they willingly enter the cycle of spreading happiness and love. The acts of philanthropy sow the seeds of goodness which reaps amazing benefits to society. People begin to practice the act of giving, and they volunteer in various campaigns that are focusing on eliminating the social problems from a town or a country. 

As Albert Schweitzer once discussed that the only ones among us who will be happy are those who seek to serve others. Philanthropy not only impacts society but even helps a person feel a sense of satisfaction. It brings happiness towards them and helps them grow as a person.