New York is the city that never sleeps, the city that everyone wishes to visit at least once in their life. New York City (NYC) is a magnet to tourists around the globe throughout the year, and rightfully so because the Big Apple has a lot to offer. However, a trip to the city can effortlessly burn a hole in your pocket due to the expensive cost of living. That is where we come in with our comprehensive guide to saving money while backpacking in NYC

From options for store luggage in NYC to packing essentials for your trip, we are covering it all. So, if you are a backpacker eyeing to travel to the Big Apple, then stay tuned!

How much will luggage storage New York City cost?

Traveling in New York City will cost you. A lot. If you are not aware of how you can save money, you will easily spend thousands of dollars without even realizing it. If you are on a budget, you can spend up to $25 to $45 per day. However, a comfortable budget will take that range to $80 to $100+ a day. Keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and when you add up food, transportation, and some miscellaneous shopping, money can add up quickly. 

Fret not; we have some killer tips that can help you save some dough.

Public transportation over private: Ask any NYC local, and they will tell you that public transportation, especially the subway, saves time and money. However, be smart about it and buy your passes in bulk. Get the 7-day pass that will cost you a reasonable amount for multiple rides for the week. 

Hop on as many free tours and museums as you can: NYC is expensive, for sure. However, there is plenty of free stuff to do, as well. Most museums in the city are free or with optional fees on certain days. Additionally, you can keep a lookout for free city tours by Brooklyn Brewery and Municipal Art Society. 

Taxi apps over NYC Taxi: Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft can save you money that you may have to shell out on a cab ride in NYC. If public transportation is not your choice, then we suggest using such apps. 

Store your luggage: If you are only visiting NYC for a few hours, don’t waste your dollars on a hotel room you may not even use while you are out and about. Instead, use a luggage storage New York City facility. 

Carry a water bottle: Soft drinks or even water in NYC can cost you a bomb! It is prudent to carry a water bottle with you, for you can fill it up at the many taps situated across the city. 

Seek out happy hours: Be it a bar or restaurant, make sure you get your meal during the happy hours to score some great deals. However, you can always just get takeaway and have a great time in Central Park. 

Budget accommodation options for backpackers

Hostels over Hotels: We all love our hotel rooms, with a comfortable bed and the magical mini-fridge. But, let us get real here, not all of us can afford a hotel room in NYC. If you don’t mind living a little wild, we suggest hostels. They are cheaper, and you get to meet travelers from across the globe. However, if you are only here for a night, we suggest using a bag storage NYC while you are out and about. 

Couchsurf and Airbnb: If you wish to save money on accommodation, getting a local to host you would be the best option. Airbnb requires you to pay a certain amount, whereas Couchsurf is about hospitality, and if you get a willing host, you have a couch for no cost. Either way, you will be saving a lot of money. This is also a great option if all you want is a bed and if your bags are kept safe in a luggage storage New York City. 

What are some of the food options?

Street Food: Street food outlets in NYC are cleaner and pristine than most restaurants. With a wide range of options like Falafel, bagels, etc., and pocket-friendly prices, food trucks and stalls are one of the best places to eat out in the city. 

Make your meal: One of the best ways to save money is to cook your meal, especially if you have access to a kitchen. Buying frozen food or groceries from a store will cost you significantly less than any restaurant food, not to mention healthier. 

Packing essentials for your trip

No matter what season, day, month, or year you are visiting New York, some essential things need to go in your backpack before you are ready to set foot in the Big Apple. Here are those essential items:

Comfy Shoes: Whether you plan on going for a walking tour of the city or take subways from one point to another, you will have a lot of walking to do when visiting NYC. Be sure to pack comfortable shoes for the whole day, so that you can enjoy without any discomfort.

Electronic Gadgets: Your phone, laptop, their chargers, and your headphones are must-haves in your bag. Make sure you always carry a portable charger with you to keep your phone on at all times. You will need your phone and a lot of apps on it when traveling in the city. 

The crossbody bag: You would need a crossbody bag to carry your important documents, phones, etc. when walking around the city. Make sure it can hold up against pick-pockets and slick fingers. 

Hand sanitizer: NYC is filled with germs, like any other city. You may want to keep hand sanitizer, or baby wipes handy if you want to protect yourself and keep it hygienic.

Here for a day or a few hours? Opt for bag storage NYC!

While it is not ideal visiting NYC for a few hours or a day, long layovers and quick plans force our hands sometimes. If you only have less than a day or two in the city, we suggest storing your bags in a luggage storage New York City. They help travelers save money on hotel rooms during quick layovers, so they are bag-free while roaming the streets of the city that never sleeps.

With these tips in hand, are you ready to get the taste of the Big Apple?