Parents should get selective about the extra-curricular and creative activities they want their kids to learn. It is essential to leverage the formative years of a child carefully and smartly. When you get your little one involved in easy art and craft techniques, you help them discover and develop their creative self from an early age. 

That doesn't mean your kid would become an artist as he/she grows up. It only suggests that your kid will develop a different and unique way of looking at things. They will solve problems better and can exercise their creative thinking to address various school assignments and other situations. 

Giving your kids the scope to express their selves with easy art techniques will make them more empowered as adults. It will help them to develop their voice and express it without the fear of getting judged. Also, it will help them to explore their leisure time better and also develop focus and patience as well. Ways in which parents can get their children introduced to easy art are:

1. Crayon paintings

It is one of the best and basic art forms that your child can explore. It is a fun way to experiment and doesn’t lead to any mess at home or anywhere else. 

2. Magnetic sculptures

Your kid can enjoy the fun of magnetic sculptures, making use of nut, magnets, and bolts. There are easy versions of this form that you can select accordingly for your kid.

3. Clay block structures

Here your child gets the chance to use clay i.e., "mortar" for making clay structures and woodblocks. 

4. Easy watercolors

Sooner or later, kids will want to explore watercolors. You can purchase the eco-friendly watercolors and allow your kids to paint on art paper. They might not be able to hold the painting brush and use the watercolors accurately, but it's always good to allow them to learn gradually.

5. The coloring books

One of the easiest and common ways to get your child to paint is to get exciting color books. Some color books have a fairy tale narrative. So, your kids get to learn about a story and various characters as they paint the color books.

6. Encourage pencil art and sketching

You will find your kids sketching figures on walls and loose paper as they grow up! Most of the time, it's using their pencil. When your kids start to sketch, it is essential to get them involved in the process. It would be best if you encouraged your child to make pencil sketches. Give them a pencil, art paper and a rubber and allow them to sketch all they want. It will help them to develop their perception and exercise their synapses better.

7. Painting with fingers

Painting using fingers is an art form! However, sometimes children love to play with colors by squishing out colors from watercolor tubes. They tend to use the colors in their palms and imprint the same on paper. Allow your kid this fun and adventure, as it will improve his/her creative faculties.

These are some of how you can get your kid involved in easy art tactics. You can fix a time for this as well.