One of the best ways to make a wedding, party, or special event memorable is by using a photo booth. Why? Because it is the perfect mood and atmosphere to smile for the camera. Everyone is happy and celebrating whatever the moment calls for, and everyone gets to solidify the night with quality photos. 

However, not all photo booths are right for every situation. As a photo booth rental Buffalo NY company, we’ve seen just about every scenario and have a few helpful tips to offer in deciding which photo booth product is the best fit for your event space, crowd and needs. And even if you decide to not hire our booth, you can always compare photo booths in your city by looking on Google. For example, if you live in Montreal, I found this blog post comparing the best photo booths in Montreal.

What Type of Space Are You Working With?

Whether indoor or outdoor, the space you intent to place the photo booth will heavily impact what type of product you can work with. 

For instance, if you are hosting an outdoor party and have an enclosed tent that serves as a roof from the elements, a canopy or open photo booth (aka canopy-less) could both work out well. However, without coverings on all sides to deter the wind, a traditional canopy photo booth could be problematic. 

If you are hosting an indoor event and have a fully dedicated room or space just for photo booth pictures, than a premium mirror photo booth would be the ideal choice since your guests can really get the most of it in a separate area without other foot traffic.

How Many People Need to Fit in One Photo Booth Picture?

Some photos can accommodate a few people in the picture, while others can squeeze in a whole crowd of 10. For instance, a standard canopy booth is best for just a few participants, whereas an open air photo booth or larger social photo booth can fit up to 9 or 10 people at a time. 

Also keep in mind that some photo booths print only one photo strip to take away and others can prints several sets of strips for every person in the picture to receive a copy. If you want every guest to get a copy of their photo in physical form, then a more socially equipped booth is your best bet.

Is Your Event High End?

A more luxurious and sophisticated event calls for a high end photo booth experience. For this, we suggest a top-of-the-line selfie mirror photo booth because it’s the cream of the crop with the most advanced features overall and, some companies like ours, even include a red carpet with traditional stanchions to create a celebrity-like photo taking experience that is above and beyond a traditional photo booth.

What Is Your Budget?

The bigger the budget, the more bells and whistles you’ll be able to splurge on to make the photo booth experience truly stand out for guests and give everyone incredible takeaways, from extra printed strips to animated boomerang video gifs to social media sharing capabilities.

But if the party budget is on the modest side, you’re best to go with either the most economical and basic canopy photo booth or a selfie print station that only prints photos taken on guest mobile phones.

Do You Have Your Own Unique Background?

If you’re wedding or special event takes place at a venue that features a very unique backdrop, such as an historic exposed brick wall , vertical garden, graffiti wall or other unusual element, then you might want to incorporate that into the photo taking experience.

For this situation, choose an open air or mirror photo booth product that comes without any enclosed canopy. This will allow you to position the photo booth in front of the backdrop so guests can take pictures in that unique spot.

No doubt, a photo booth can add a tremendous amount of fun to any party and give guests a sentimental souvenir of the event to cherish for years. To ensure you bring the right photo booth experience into your party or wedding, consider all these questions before settling on a given product. It will ensure you can make the most out of your photo booth and give your guests the best time possible.