Guerlain is one of the popular brands for perfume and cosmetics. This French-based company has been in this industry since 1928. Their products are the best. However, the most interesting thing is they are also well-known for their concern about the environment. It can be seen in several programs and practices they applied in their company.

Ecocert Certification
Ecocert is an organization that inspects many organizations and companies to find out whether their manufacturing process is safer for the environment. They also often call an organic certification organization. Guerlain receives the certification from this organization. And, this is the first in the world for a perfume and cosmetics company to receive this certificate.

Train for Transportation
Most perfume and cosmetics, as well as companies in other industries, will choose an airplane as the transportation for exporting their product. Guerlain uses the train, instead. It’s slower. However, it produces lower CO2 emissions than the airplane. Guerlain CEO, Laurent Boillot even aims for an amazing target with this project. By half of 2020, his company will reduce half of the CO2 emission produced by the manufacturing process. Then, by 2028, this company aims for carbon-emission-free status.

Environmental Friendlier Packaging
Guerlain's effort to make their company environmental friendlier can be seen from the package they use for their product. They aim that this year, 100% of their product package will be safer for the environment. With a new eco-designed package, this goal is not far from their reach.

The implementation of this project can even be found in their latest Orchidée Impériale package. This product uses the lighter pot (60% lighter than the previous design). Moreover, all the perfume bottles this company used are all recyclable. This company uses CEDRE, LVMH’s recycling platform for this purpose.

Sustainable Concept
Guerlain also applies the sustainable concept to every aspect and elements in its system. Starting from the sources of the ingredients, this company only uses the necessary ingredients and avoids the other ingredients that can bring a bad effect on them. By doing this, there is less waste produced because of the unnecessary ingredients included in the process. It also improves the company's productivity.

That’s the current working project. For future goals, this company plans to buy land where they can plant all the ingredients needed for their manufacturing process. Boillot says that this goal won’t be able to come into reality soon. It needs at least 20 years to make it come true. But, we can say that this is a good plan. It ensures that the environment where the natural habitat of the ingredients won’t be damaged or even destroyed.

Guerlain creates amazing perfume and magnificent cosmetics for women. Their way of doing their job is also inspiring. Therefore, it’s not so surprising, if there are many people who love to use their service. As today’s people are more aware of environmental matters, we can only say that guerlain will be one of the important elements of the future business world. We hope many other companies also start to use a similar concept, to save our Earth from the global warming effect.