Event design involves transforming an event space into something out of the ordinary and inspiring. Effective event design elevates your occasion to something memorable and creative. With the right event design, your guests will love spending time in the space and enjoying the event itself.

It's not just about making a space look pretty. You can alter the atmosphere of an event and change people's opinions about the content of the experience with great event design. Here are six crucial elements of event design for you to consider when you plan your next event.  

1. The Layout of Your Space

The layout of the space is the essential first building block in your design plan. You need to understand how people will enter and exit the space, how they will move around, and how they will access the facilities. Take the space as a whole and break it up into areas, creating the right balance between empty and furnished space. The best space plans do not feel cramped, nor do they make attendees feel cold or lost. 

2. Lighting Design

Lighting is a crucial focal point in event venues and the right lighting can highlight objects and spaces, and direct attention to key forms in your room design. Lighting also heavily influences the atmosphere of an occasion. You have many different types of lighting to choose from when creating a mood. Candlelight creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Natural light is ideal for brainstorming sessions in a meeting. LED lighting is dynamic and modern.  

3. Lines of Focal Design

Pay attention to the combination in your space of horizontal and vertical lines, made by furnishings, wall hangings, and paintings, and dynamic lines, which are angles and curves. Use lines to manage the proportions of the space. You can make a space more intimate, for example, with low lights from the ceiling if the room is large with a high ceiling. 

4. Use of Colour 

Colour is also vital for setting mood and tone. Cool colour schemes with greens and blues are perfect for learning, focusing, and inspiration. Creative tasks are more inspirational with vibrant colours like orange or hot pink. Or a colour like gold or silver inspires feelings of luxury and decadence. Accent colours work well when you do not want to overpower people with a strong tone. 

5. Patterns Matter 

Patterns add interest and inspiring detail to the overall look of your occasion. Don't be afraid to play with design, especially if you have a larger, more modern space that is simply decorated. You can introduce pattern through throws or cushions, paintings, or decor objects. The pattern helps focus the eye and gives people something to comment on.

6. Striking Textures

Don't forget about texture when you are planning your event design. The feel of items and furniture is essential when creating atmosphere and putting people at ease. Fluffy, soft cushions and couches are relaxing and intimate. Cool steel stools or rubber floors create an atmosphere of business and seriousness.