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Items used on Shabbat

The following items are used during Shabbat:

Kiddush cup: Kiddush, literally, "sanctification," is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Kiddush cups are highly decorated, and are generally made of china, porcelain, silver, pewter and nickel.
Shabbat candlestick holders
Hand washing cup ("netilat yediam")
Challah cutting board and cover
Havdalah candle and candle holder
Havdalah spice box

Hanukkah items

The items that are used in Hanukkah:

Chanukah menorah
Gelt holder
Chanukah candles or Oil

Sukkot items

Etrog Box

To protect the Etrog during the Sukkot holiday, it is traditionally wrapped in silky flax fibers and stored in a special box, often made from silver. In modern times, the Etrog is also commonly wrapped in synthetic netting, and placed in cardboard boxes. Wooden boxes are increasingly popular as well.

Biblical Jewelry

During ancient times, the Jewish people have been believed to be wearing jewelry. There are biblical verses that mentioned the use of jewelry for the appeal, especially among women. The Jewish people used a variety of jewelry as their assets to their personalities. Women may have mainly used it for an appealing look, but it is also to show that she is not an ordinary one. Here are some of the biblical jewelry that may have mentioned:

Arm ornament – other than Egyptians, people from Canaan or Canaanites have worn various ornaments in their bodies.

Queen Puabi’s accessories – these were found in the queen’s tomb situated in a place in Sumeria.

Nimrud’s treasure – an exquisite gold necklace, bracelets, and headdress- was found in an ancient city called Nimrud in Iraq.

Jewish blog

In Jewish blog in jewish.shop describe the culture of Jewish and its history is described such as: what are the festivals and their histories, the objects that are used in different festivals and the purpose of it, the gifts that people used to give each other of festivals, the holy books of Jewish. 

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