It’s undeniably true that we often think of safari tours as all-family excursions or group tours into the heart of nature. Some people think that visiting the “the dark continent” alone is boring, lonely and unsafe. But ask any traveler who has dared to go on a sole African safari, and they will readily admit that the experience is liberating and heavenly.

Think about it this way, when you book your African holiday with friends, you must consider where they want to go or do during the trip. Unless you and everyone in the group form a perfect match, which is highly unlikely, you are bound to fall out at one point during the safari. On the contrary, when you visit Africa alone, you can go wherever you want, whenever you feel like.

Sole African tours enable you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and into the quiet of nature. They transport you into a world where everything is remote and in harmony, with nothing but the beating of your heart and the rhythms of the natural world. 
In this article, we uncover the top 5 African holiday destination for solo travelers.

1. Drive amidst Wildlife at the Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park ranks among the top African safari destinations for solo travelers. The 14,750 square kilometers park is located 325 kilometers from Arusha
The easiest way to get to the Serengeti is to fly from Arusha into the numerous airstrips that are located within and just outside the park, such as Seronera, Lobo, and Serengeti Kusini airstrips.

Your best bet is to hire a reputable Serengeti safari tour operator such as to facilitate your trip from Arusha to the park.

What makes Serengeti a recommended destination for solo travelers is its large population of flora and fauna and immense biodiversity. The park is home to thousands of animal species, including all the Big Five and over 500 bird species.

Serengeti’s vegetation is predominantly grassland, which makes it easy to camp there and experience nature in the raw. The grassland vegetation mainly occupies the southern plains and is a haven for grazers, such as wildebeest, buffalos, zebras and more.

Besides the grassland plains, there’s the western Savanna where the Grumeti River meanders through. Here, you can sight water-dwellers, such as the Nile crocodiles and hippos.

There’s also the Northern Serengeti, which overlaps with Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve, another iconic game park within East Africa. A special highlight here is the Great Migration which happens from July to August, which also happens to be the best months to visit the Serengeti.

A cheetah on the prowl at the Serengeti

2. Hiking Mount Kenya

Towering to a height of 5,000 meters, Mt. Kenya is a special recommendation for thrill-seeking sole travelers looking to conquer their fears of height and loneliness. It is located around 180 kilometers from Nairobi. You can either fly from Nairobi into an airport in Nanyuki or take a scenic road drive into the mountain.

Mt. Kenya is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. 

The mountain’s peaks, namely Nelion, Batian, and Point Lenana, vary in altitude. As a first-time traveler, your Kenya tour operator will help you determine the right peak to conquer and you will have a dedicated mountain climbing expert on call.

Besides mountain treks and hiking tours, you can also do camping and cave explorations. What’s more – you can go on a tour of the Mount Kenya National Park located at the foot of the mountain. The park is predominantly a bamboo forest featuring unique plant species, such as Rosette and Giant Lobelia. It’s also a habitat for several animals, including leopards, buffalos, and rare species like the Bongo. 

The best time to go on a sole safari tour of Mount Kenya is during the drier months of January to March and June to October.

3. Meander Your Way through the Mighty Nile on a Nile Cruise

The Nile is Africa’s longest and most majestic river. Throughout its journey from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea, the river gives life to otherwise arid and barren lands. Nile River also follows some of the most scenic paths and going on a Nile Cruise is a perfect way to explore these sacred treasures.

Alexander the Great is one of the top recommendations for solo travelers craving for a serenading and the awe-inspiring Nile cruise. This cruise begins in Luxor and meanders through various points of interest before winding up at the same spot. Typically, Alexander the Great Nile cruise takes 4 - 7 days and features excursions into some of Egypt’s ancient landmarks and sites.

One of the highlights includes a visit to the history-rich Valley of the Kings. Here, you can explore the 63 tombs spread across the area as you take a trip down memory lane into the way of life of ancient Egyptians.

Alexander the Great Nile Cruise also stops by the Colossi of Memnon, the two imposing stone statues dating back to 1350 BCE dedicated to Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Besides these ancient monuments, you’ll also sail to the towns of Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Aswan.

At Aswan, you can visit the majestic Aswan High Dam and spare time to mingle with the locals in their bustling markets as you catch up on their cultures.

The ideal time to go on Alexander the Great Nile Cruise is between the cooler months of October and April.

A Nile cruise ship on the move

4. Camp by the Sea at Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay Beach is located 6.7 kilometers from Cape Town. A road drive from Cape Town to the beach takes roughly 7 minutes.

Camps Bay Beach fronts is an affluent and exclusive coastal suburb in Cape Town. The location of the Camps Bay Beach close by a bustling neighborhood provides a sophisticated ambiance that enables you to experience the best of land and sea.

You can partake in the numerous watersports such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, or lie by the beachside as you take in the cool breeze from the sea.

Mingle with your fellow sole travelers as you both marvel at the pristine waters and the glorious sight of the setting sun. There’s also the opportunity of taking picnic tours around the palm-fringed grass lawns as you behold the Twelve Apostles Mountains on the horizon. 

Right behind the Camps Bay Beach is Victorian Road, which is a lively boulevard lined with pubs and restaurants. Here, you can savor your favorite cocktail or food while sitting on the pavement terraces, watching the world go by.

The Camps Bay Beach possesses a Blue Flag certification. Therefore, you can enjoy your time blissfully aware that your safety is guaranteed. The best periods to visit are the cooler and less crowded months of March to May, as well as September to November.

A solo traveler frolicking by the beach

5. Explore the Majestic Beauty of the Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon is Africa’s largest canyon and the second largest in the world. Measuring 160km long by 27km wide by 550m deep, the canyon is famous for its sheer ruggedness. The canyon derives its name from the Fish River, which is Namibia’s longest interior river spanning 650 kilometers long.

Fish River Canyon is located 566 km from Windhoek and 293 km from Oranjejmund Airport.

The easiest way to get there is to fly into any of the airstrips located near the canyon. Examples include Ai-Ais, Fish River Lodge @ Vogelstrausskluft, Seeheim, and in the vicinity of Keetmanshoop, Bethanie, and Grunau.

The greatest highlight includes hiking along the vast and eerie rims of the canyon or taking a trip down into the canyon for a more up-close experience. You might also consider trekking the 90km long Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail, a trek that takes about five days. 

Going on an adventure of the Fish River Canyon means taking the less-traveled paths into the heart of nature.

There are neither amenities along the way nor cell phone services, making it the ideal recommendation for solo travelers daring to explore the wild side of Mother Nature. However, there are two emergency stations along the way that ensure the safety of tourists.

The best time to visit the Fish River Canyon is during the drier and cooler months from May to October.

Evidently, Africa teems with incredible safari destinations for solo travelers. From wildlife safari tours to beachside camps, the continent has limitless opportunities waiting to be explored by you. Visit and start planning your sole African safari tours. Their guides were born and raised in Africa and they will give you insider access to the wonders of Africa.