No-one can be certain what the future holds, and this situation will undoubtedly have been the source of arguments among many couples and families. Money is likely to be an especially exacerbating factor here. Is peace of mind something you can genuinely "buy"?

While the perhaps inevitable answer is that "it's quite not as simple as that", there remain ways of spending that can boost your spirits. Here are some examples of procedures that can help to place your future, not simply your “here and now”, on a sound footing.

Buy - and fill up - a "grab bag"
You might recall the term "grab bag" popping up in the news late last year, when Scottish police on Twitter urged people to keep a "grab bag" of essentials in case of an emergency. Though some people accused the police of scaremongering, you can never be sure when an emergency will strike.

Railway worker Dom Mottram told BBC News that his bag includes the likes of medicine, food and drink. "Just stuff that, if I were to get stuck out somewhere, would be useful," he said. 

Pay off existing debt
If you currently have loans that you are gradually paying off, you could benefit immensely from speeding up that process - if, of course, you are in a practical position to do so. Perhaps a recent windfall could enable you to slash that debt and so help to reduce interest charges, too.

Doing so would be psychologically beneficial, as well as free up money for other purposes. You can also improve your credit score and your appeal to lenders, as The Balance explains

Consider whether you currently benefit from debt
Typically, paying off debt is better than leaving it languishing, especially in the case of high-cost debt like credit card debt. However, there are rare instances where leaving debt untouched can be more appropriate or, at least, not as impractical as otherwise likely.

For example, postponing paying off that debt could enable you to redirect more of your money towards luxuries or the cash cushion you usually reserve for meeting unforeseen expenses.  

Take out life insurance
If there are certain people - kids, perhaps, or elderly relatives - who rely on your income for their own financial health, what would those people do if you died abruptly and unexpectedly? It's a bleak possibility, but one you can't wholly rule out - hence the rationale for taking out life insurance.

With this cover, you can help to ensure replacement resources for your financial dependents. Investopedia advises how to determine the amount of life insurance coverage you need. 

Run a business? Buy insurance for it
The category of business insurance is certainly a very broad one, perhaps leaving you at a loss as to how you can properly and comprehensively insure any firm you run.

However, the internet can be a treasure trove of useful advice, helping you to sort out broader policies from more specialist cover, such as goods in transit insurance for couriers or haulers.