As much as suing your employer or ex-employer seems to be an impossible task, many people do it in the case of a personal injury.

In the workplace, there are many forms of personal injury. Some include when someone dies while working in a hazardous environment, or another gets sick when working in a non-safe climate. One of the typical personal injury claims is mesothelioma.

Our article focuses on what this is and why people end up suing their employer when diagnosed with this disease.

What mesothelioma is?

The disease is a type of cancer that an individual gets after they inhale asbestos fibers. Asbestos is typically lethal, and what these fibers do is that they go straight to the lungs, abdomen, and heart. Here, they form a lining.

A victim may not experience any signs or symptoms in the first five to ten years, sometimes longer. However, with time, symptoms such as dry coughs, chest and abdominal pain, fever, unusual fatigue, and many others begin to surface.

Why people sue for this type of injury

1. The money from a lawsuit settlement can take care of your family

Various experts say that the kind of compensation these victims, if they win the case, is good enough to warrant the trial and tribulations of filing a suit. Most of the time, the settlement of such a lawsuit can range between one and two and a half million dollars. 
Now, with that amount of money, it can take care of the victim’s family even when he or she passes away.

2. Companies have a trust fund for it

Initially, companies used to become bankrupt when patients sued them. That forced the government to come up with the asbestos trust fund, which protects them from bankruptcy.

When you take the company to court, they will depend on that insurance to cater for the costs incurred. Therefore, as a victim, you should know that the defendant may have more money than you think.

3. You can use the money for medication

Cancer patients can tell you that their medication is expensive. Hence, going to court could help you cater for medicine, transport, and in case of any disabilities caused; the fund can help in providing for the family.

4. To protect other people from the same

If you have been a victim or if you had a family member who passed on because of asbestos exposure, then you can sue the company. 

Such measures can push the company to develop safer workplaces for their staff and ensure that nobody else falls victim to the same.

Do not make the suit alone

Some people do make those claims alone. However, it may be limiting, especially since you do not understand the laws that guide such cases.

A mesothelioma lawyer can solve the problem for you. Such professionals have adequate knowledge on how to file a suit, and they have enough experience in how you can win such a case.


Do not suffer alone. Ensure that you consult experts immediately after the doctor tells you that you have mesothelioma. If you do so early enough, it will be easy to develop the case to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.