Fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye. There are many different styles and variables in women’s clothing that can make your head spin. It can often be difficult for a mother to keep up with all of the rise and decrease in their favorite fashion attire. However, this year you won’t have to worry about the rise and fall of fashion, only to keep your eye on specific options for your wardrobe.

If you are someone who likes to stay updated with current fashion, you may already notice some of these changes happening around you now. These are our experts’ top five growing fashion trends in the coming year and what you can expect from them.

#1 - Animal Print
Animal print has become a tried and true favorite of many fashion designers in 2019 and we can see this trend growing even more popular this year. Animal prints have quickly solidified themselves as a fashion statement in the industry. By the end of 2018, leopard prints and zebra stripes were becoming fashionably noticeable in your friends closets.

Currently, any kind of animal print has taken a firm grip on the fashion world, making it a true fashion trend you can count on this year. What we like about animal print is that when paired with a solid color, the fashion statement can scream personality and style. If you are someone who prefers not to wear true animal skin on your clothing, there is the faux animal prints that you can purchase almost anywhere. 

There are lots of different variables you can mix and match with animal prints. If you go too much you can lose your sense of style, however, pairing an animal print top with a solid color skirt or pants is a great way to build a win for your closet. Animal prints aren’t just popular in your clothes, but also your shoes, handbags, etc. Strategize the perfect prints to pair with that perfect outfit.

#2 - The Patchwork Trend
In early 2019, fashion designers came out with the patchwork trend that took a little while before it caught on. The patchwork trend was true to its promise and grabbed us all with its bits of colorful patterns with a gleam of minimalist style. 

While the patchwork trend seems to be suited for a specific audience of shoppers, we still like the simplistic style it brings to your closet. This pauper-like feel has a sense of elegance and beauty that can only bring out the best in your wardrobe. Patchwork patterns that are mixed with different designs brings more landscape to your wardrobe and can help you build on your personality and flair for style. Again, this trend may or may not be for you. It targets a very tight-knit group of people, but for those people who enjoy wearing the patchwork designs we sure do love watching them wear it.

#3 - Modest Apparel
In the early stages of 2018, British fashion designers shocked the world when they revealed their entire lineup of clothing was nothing but modest apparel. Beautiful models walked up and down the runway sharing wrist-long sleeves and ankle-long dresses. Clearly, not many people thought this specific trend was going to catch on, and, while it did take a little while to establish itself in America, many people are learning that modesty still works.

The best part about this is how these fashion designers prompted online boutiques all over America to open. Boutiques provide modest dresses for women and other options of modesty like this to a specific group of people. This clearly shows that there is a lot of women who are still dressing this way and we have to respect there is an audience for it. The modest apparel industry is still going strong and shows no signs of letting up. Even large brands like Belk and JCPenney are showing signs of longer dresses and longer sleeves in their lineup because of it.

#4 - The Statement Sleeve
Many fashion designers believe that the statement sleeve is a bleed off from the modest apparel trend and likely so. The statement sleeve has become very popular in September of 2019 when ruffled shoulders, baggy sleeves, and carved wrist-lines were part of the show-off properties of the top. 

Today there is an abundant choice of sleeve statements you can go with. This just makes dressing a whole lot of fun because you can choose your sense of style based off of the top you love. With statement sleeves you don’t need a dressy bottom. Even if you choose to wear jeans, a statement sleeve will pull off a classy look because of the route you decide to take with your top. Many professional women are loving the way statement sleeves are working with their wardrobe and this shares that there is only one direction this trend can continue to go - up.

#5 - The Midi Dress
Guess who’s making a comeback in 2020? The midi dress is back and better than ever. Now, with the unique fashion designs you can get, along with plenty of statement accessories that can tie into the dress, the midi is a great option for women who want to look classy and feel comfortable at the same time. 

One of the more popular aspects of the midi dress is the fact that it doesn’t take loads of time in order to get ready. Simply pick out your favorite color of dress and slip it on. The midi dress saves time and energy and still allows you to look great. Now, with an overabundance of choices you have in design and style, there are many midi dresses to choose from for your closet.

Be Who You Are
Fashion trends rise and fall every week. People who keep up with these trends are people who have a fashion oriented sense. In reality, you cannot follow every trend at all times. Experts suggest that you pick a few that you like and stick with them. Make sure these fashion designs are some that helps accentuate who you are because that is what fashion is, to show off your personality and style. So go out there and be who you know you can be, stylish.