We all know there are two types of baths, one where we just want to get ourselves cleaned and the other is a relaxing bubble bath; with rose petals, bath foam, slow music and scents. Indulging in the latter at least once a week, or after a long and tiring day really helps us rejuvenate by putting us in a great mood.

Bath bombs are an amazing product which could take our bathing experience up a notch with its dreamy and luxurious feel. Here are 6 perks of using a bath bomb in your bath.

1. Puts You In A Better Mood

Bath bombs create an opulent yet relaxing feel and are sometimes referred to as the ‘’ mood makers’’. The bath bombs are designed to fizz and release its amazing scents when dropped in water which can really set our mood for the day.

The kind of atmosphere you’d like to create depends on the smell of your bath bomb, for instance, floral and vanilla scents can help you set a more romantic and intimate mood.

2. Amazing For Your Skin

Bath bombs are infused with a variety of skin-soothing essential oils and salts. Not only do they make your bath pretty and colorful, but they can also be great for your skin. Bath bombs add certain essential oils to your bath which moisturize and soften your skin and hair.

Many companies are producing bath bombs specifically for sensitive skin as certain colorants and fragrances can cause irritation to that skin type. Either way bath bombs will leave your skin feeling velvety, silky and clean.

3. Creates At-Home Spa Feel

These colorful sphere-shaped beautiful bombs are filled with ingredients, colors, fragrances which are liked by both us and our skins. The two main components of a bath bomb are; baking soda and citric acid, these two, when combined with water, create a fizzing sensation which can transform your ordinary bath into a luxurious spa-quality.

So, stop spending your money on a spa session when you can get the same feeling at your home by investing in amazing bath bombs.

4. Provides Aromatherapy

The scents and oils in your bath bomb aren’t infused to help you smell and feel fresh throughout the day, but they are also known for providing aromatherapy. The essential oils and fragrances used in bath bombs help in calming for our nerves, enhance mood, improve concentration and circulation.

For instance, bath bombs infused with lavender oil are great for enhancing relaxation and sleep, rosemary-scented bath bomb can relive your mental fatigue and muscle aches which makes them a great choice for when you need that extra Monday morning kick and jasmine scents and oils are used to uplift your mood and re-energize for the day.

5. Made From Natural Ingredients

One of the more amazing things about these fascinating little balls is that they most of them are natural, vegan and made from chemical-free components, except for a few of them. You can check for the ingredients to know whether or not it contains any chemicals.

But, majority of them are natural even the leading cosmetics company, Lush are famous for creating bath bombs from all-natural and safe ingredients, so you can don’t have to carry the guilt of using chemicals on your body inside your bathtub.

6. Easy To Make At Home

Even though these cute little bath bombs are cost-effective and make a great choice of gift, it can easily be made at home at a much cheaper price. The only main ingredients are, baking soda and citric acid. You can further add your choice of salts, essential oils, scents, color and even glitter to have a sparkling bath-time experience.

If you haven’t tried a bath bomb, then you should at least try one of them and experience a luxurious and dreamy bathing experience which will be loved by your skin, hair and you!