Dear Evan Hansen is a show that encourages positive communication about such themes as mental illness and youth suicide. It won some prestigious awards, most notably the 2015 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award.

The musical has warmed our hearts and set the bar very high for other performances this holiday season. So, here are four main reasons to see Dear Evan Hansen show.

1.The Stage
David Korins has worked in a lot of Broadway’s top musical pieces such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Beetlejuice, and Hamilton. He does wonders again with how he turns the stage into an intimate household, with intricate relationships. 

We felt like the platform really helped suspend our disbelief that this anti-social boy can change so suddenly. Not to mention, the stage felt perfectly fitting to every dramatic disequilibrium that took place. It was backed up perfectly by the beautiful music and acting.

2.Story And Characters
The characters feel very well developed, and make the audience sympathize with the complex personalities of each and every one of them.

Evan is a teenager who is unhappy and extremely socially awkward. He feels like he is inadequate at properly navigating life and can’t do anything to get himself out of that hole. He ends up with a lot of bad choices that he tries over the course of the musical to get himself out of.

Every character feels important, and not just the protagonist. Conor, for example, remains an important figure throughout the show.

We did not know exactly what his story was in the beginning, but by the end, you would have a wholesome feeling because over those small interactions especially with his mother we learn more about who he really was.

3.Displays a Very Accurate Portrayal of Mental Illness
Mental Illness remains a topic that is not only touched upon but also explored beyond the generic message of “Life sucks but we must try to hold on.”

As the show dived deeper with the issue, it lets us decide the nature of the protagonist’s mental status, without clearly stating what was wrong with him.

The powerful message behind Dear Evan Hansen Musical isn’t laid out or portrayed in front of the audience.

This musical shows us the struggles of social anxiety that happens, faded in the background, and connects the audience with the conscience of Evan.

The music was incredible, and the emerging popularity from the anthem of the show “You Will Be Found” isn’t there from nothing. The music and words by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, known as Pasek and Paul, are a masterpiece with their tonal variety and incredible message. 

Most of the musical setpieces featured by Evan, who we believe his operatic performance and intricate vocal range were the backdrops to this musical. The immensely talented members of the 8-cast show delivered well too, with their soaring voices and mesmerizing harmonies that we were all charmed by.

In Conclusion
Dear Evan Hansen has a message, a little bit of heart, a little bit of humor, and some unforgettable songs. It sets the stage with its brilliance and real moments and feels original and fresh compared to the usual format of musical pieces. So, you should definitely see this great show!