From bold shades to soft hues, engagement rings are available with a variety of colored gemstones. You can find a ring by choosing any color in the rainbow. This pop of colors is hugely admired among young girls. Even the diamonds have graduated from their classic white to several different tints. 

You may love Larsen Jewellery sapphire rings, but the stone has a deeper meaning that would influence your life. Knowing about the real meaning of the colors makes it easier to choose the engagement ring for your girl and brings a bright future to her and your relationship. Here we present the significance of some of the several colors to simplify the selection for you.

Almandine Garnet
These gemstones are bright and deep wine red in color, a color that is a sign of the unity of serenity and passion. If you wear this color, you showcase your unconditional love and a promise to protect your other half throughout your life.

This color is also popularly known as blue beryl. It is a vibrant color that reflects the brightness of tropical deep-sea. A synonym of courage and communication, the color encourages you to portray your love with words and actions every day.

Blue sapphire
Blue sapphire is a regal and majestic gemstone that is adorned by royalties. This stone is a symbol of your loyalty and honesty for your partner.

Pink sapphire
These gemstones are extremely feminine and are ideal for a dreamy fairy tale bride. It reflects your eternal love and romance. Your love, kindness, and thoughtfulness for each other are perfectly showcased with this color.

Blue topaz
It is a calm and peaceful color. It represents your fidelity and never-ending love for your partner. It also indicates that you will always be truthful to your partner and to yourself.

Champagne diamond
Champagne diamond is formally known as a golden brown diamond. It is a very contemporary stone that is extremely elegant and graceful. It reminds you of your commitment to always being encouraging to each other and celebrate life together.

Prasiolite is green-colored quartz. It is also known as green amethyst. It is an emblem of hope for the existence of true love. It also depicts the fact that you have found your true love in each other.

It belongs to the class of beryl that is green in color. Emerald is known for the inclusion of fine details and tints. As it represents a happy and successful union of two souls, it is considered the most auspicious stone of all.

It is a magical gemstone as it appears white but turns into a stunning sparkling splash of blue shades as you move them a little. It affirms that, despite life's ups and downs, your love will last forever and will guide you through the journey.

Again a variety of beryl, morganite is super feminine and is ideal for your special engagement and wedding moments. It signifies the undying unity of the two of you with the blessings from heaven.