One of the most popular choices for non-round diamond engagement rings are Cushion cut diamonds. This diamond shape was first crafted in the early Thirties as the Old European cut, and its popularity has been growing ever since. The shape has a unique beauty, and elegance, and it’s eye-catching; even from afar. As beautiful as it is, however, it can be just as expensive as other shaped diamonds. One way to save on the cost on an engagement ring with Cushion cut diamonds is by purchasing clarity enhanced diamonds from

What does diamond clarity refer to?

Diamonds are formed deep within the earth under tons and tons of heat and excessively extreme temperatures. Because of this, they wind up with naturally-occurring imperfections. The extent of these imperfections is referred to as clarity.

Cushion cut diamonds with a lot of imperfections are less valuable than those with fewer imperfections. Sometimes, however, the diamond’s clarity can be altered.

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

Before we get started on what a clarity enhanced diamond is you first need to know that it is a real diamond; it came from the earth like other natural diamonds. The only difference is that the diamond’s clarity has been enhanced by manual means. The enhancing process reduces or removes the imperfections resulting in a stone with much better clarity than it originally had. 

How is clarity enhancement done?

This is accomplished in two different ways. The first is process called laser drilling. This is a process in which a pathway is drilled into the diamond with a high-powered laser, and a pathway is created from the outside of the stone down to the imperfection within the stone. Then, acid is poured into the pathway and reaches the black imperfection, and bleaches it out. 

The other process is called fracture drilling. In this process a glass-like substance is injected into the diamond to the point of the imperfection, thus hiding it. This is a very hard process to detect.

How do you save with clarity enhanced diamonds by

Clarity enhanced diamonds were first purchased as low clarity diamonds (This is why the clarity is being enhanced). As such, the original investment by the jeweler was much less than it would have been had the jeweler had to purchase the diamond at the clarity level they intend to enhance it to. This savings is passed along to the consumer. 

So when you set out to find that perfect engagement ring with those remarkable, and memorable Cushion cut diamonds, be sure to consider clarity enhanced diamonds at Diamonds-USA. You may be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful that are and how much money you can save.

Clarity enhanced diamonds, before and after