There was a time when the main reason to wear a pair of sneakers was to exercise. These comfortable items of footwear were the perfect choice when playing basketball, or going for a power walk.

Today, sneakers are still worn during a sporting activity, but their use has expanded. They are now the footwear of choice for many people, throughout the day. Whether they are at work or out for a drink, men and women across the world choose sneakers to help them make a statement. This is a long way from when the first sneakers were created.

The original sneakers

Late in the 19th century, the U.S. Rubber Company created the first sneakers. They were designed to be an alternative to the uncomfortable plimsolls that people had worn previously.

These original sneakers were called Keds. They gained the nickname sneakers because they allowed wearers to 'sneak' upon people as they made a limited amount of noise. Since these early days, sneakers have continued to evolve and their popularity has grown.

Sneakers now are worn across the globe

Today, the wearing of sneakers is a global phenomenon. They are worn by a wide variety of different people, in many different countries. Sneakers have also become just as popular with women as they are with men.

This is because footwear like Hogan sneakers allows women to look good as well as being comfortable. All sneakers, whether they are designed for men or women, are intended to provide functionality and comfort as well as style. For example, Hogan sneakers are designed using the latest innovative techniques, to allow wearers to look and feel good, as well as making a fashion statement.

Why the use of sneakers has changed

There was a time when sneakers were more likely to be seen on a court or field of play than on the street. This situation has now changed. This has happened for a couple of main reasons.

Many businesses now encourage the wearing of smart casual clothing by employees. This often allows people to wear sneakers during the working day. This represents a big change from the more traditional workwear of the past.

The other change that has made the wearing of sneakers more common is the difference in attitude that women have when it comes to choosing what to wear. They now concentrate as much on how they feel about themselves as they do on impressing others. This makes them more likely to choose comfortable sneakers that look amazing than high heels which may look good but do not provide the same level of comfort.

These changes in attitude have to lead to many more people choosing stylish sneakers to wear, whether they are working or socializing. This popularity only seems likely to increase in the future as brands like Hogan sneakers continue to innovate. This innovation will attract whole new generations to the appeal of footwear that is durable, comfortable and makes a statement.