Mumbai is a magnetic city that draws the attention of all Indians residing in different corners of the country. All thanks to the Bollywood industry (the second-largest film fraternity in the world) that is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. More than half of the youngsters moving to Mumbai come with big dreams and hopes. They aspire to join the entertainment industry or become a professional model. 

As much as this glamorous Mumbai life sounds, it can get quite complicated for the newcomers. To survive in this city for a long, we have found some interesting facts about Mumbai you must know.

1. Be Prepared for the Rush

Mumbai is home to India’s largest commercial brands. Being a busy metropolitan city, it faces regular jam. If you are someone who’s coming from a rural city or a less-popular town, you are going to find this rush super exhausting and annoying. So, it is better to make rush your best friend before moving to Mumbai.

It might take you a few months (or more time) to get used to the Mumbai traffic. 

2. Railway Stations and Trains

Mumbai is all about trains. The railway is the fastest and economical transportation mode in this dream city. To stay and survive here, you must know about all the railway tracks and the train timings. 

Furthermore, the morning battle is common for those who need to travel from the North to the South area of Mumbai by train. The minute you board the train, you will come across fights and battles that are not going to be pleasing to your ears. You better get headphones on while traveling by train. Perhaps, it can make it a bit easier (if not 100% comfortable) to get to your desired destination. 

Never run after the train if you miss one. The next local train in Mumbai will arrive in 2-3 minutes. You don’t need to risk your life for a missed train. 

3. Finding a Home? It’s Going to be Tough

Everyone comes with a dream of settling down in this glamorous city. But, only a few of them manage to find a convenient home. The demand for space in Mumbai is increasing at a rapid rate. That being said, the major challenge for any newcomer is to find a rental home here. 

Even a small-sized home can cost you thousands of bucks as monthly rent. You wouldn't want to spend more than half of your income paying rents. Besides, there are food, travel, utility bills, and other such expenses that you need to arrange. There is no point in moving to Mumbai without having home facilities. If you are not sure about a rental apartment, opt for PG. It can at least save you some money.

4. Monsoon in Mumbai

You might have heard of the beautiful and romantic season in Mumbai. If you are expecting some scenic atmosphere during monsoon in Mumbai, get back to reality. As much as Mumbai’s monsoon is adorable, you will find it a bit pathetic.