Many of us spend part of our lives trying to avoid unplanned pregnancies and believe that when we are ready to conceive, this will happen without any difficulties. We tend to think that the shift from pregnancy prevention to birth and birth planning will be relatively smooth and pleasant. Thus, the inability of some women to get pregnant becomes a serious stress that can cause chaos in the relationship even of definitely strong couples. 

Instead of despairing and wandering between the various options, it is better for people with such problems to seek competent advice and assistance, as such can be found at the Ayurveda Clinic Sofia.

Why and how can Ayurveda help us solve problems related to conception and childbirth? Not only does Ayurveda explain how to increase your fertility with the proper diet, herbal products and change in behavior, but it also focuses on how to have really healthy children. Ayurvedic medical practice is mainly focused on the treatment of energy imbalances in the body, which create health problems of different nature. The concept in Ayurveda that deals with pregnancy is called Garbh Sanskar. 

The period of expectation of a baby is one of the most exciting in the lives of both women and men. Pregnancy provokes emotions that cannot be compared to anything else. Future parents feel satisfied and happy, and their sense of responsibility increases during the anticipation of the baby they will take care of. Ayurveda defines the period of pregnancy as very important in people's lives and therefore it gives a lot of attention on it. The future parents may be provided with basic guidance related to the realization of the desired pregnancy, choice of the best practices for the duration of pregnancy and for the child's upbringing.
The program is intended to assist potential parents in cases of primary and secondary infertility when there has already been at least one pregnancy. It is intended for both women and men because the problem affects both sexes. Garbh Sanskar may increase the chance of conception in planned procedures such as IVF in vitro fertilization and IUI intrauterine insemination. It can also give hope to women who already have unsuccessful in vitro procedures but who have no proven cause of infertility. 

Garbh Sanskar is an invaluable aid in achieving a balance in the body's natural energies, such as the monthly cycle in women and the release of quality semen in men, which is a necessary condition for conception. The program helps with detoxification and the overall preparation in anticipation of the baby by his future parents. The implementation of various Panchakarma procedures is aimed at purifying the mind and body. They help people overcome the mental and physical levels of blocking, which are one of the possible reasons for the lack of success in trying to get pregnant. 

An important effect of the program is that it helps to maintain a normal hormonal balance. It also helps to reduce possible problems that can occur during pregnancy, especially when future mothers suffer from various conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. It also protects against some of the common adverse effects affecting pregnant ladies, such as stretch marks and hemorrhoids. The care for the baby has to start from the womb of the mother and should be focused on both his physical and mental development. Garbh Sanskar reduces the risks of genetic problems transferred by the parents to their children and sets the foundations for their complete wellbeing and development. 
The Garbh Sanskar program achieves results with the help of a number of panchakarma and puvarkarma Ayurvedic therapies - Kashaya Vasti, Shirodhara, Utra Vasti, Nabipurana, Matra Vasti, Abhyangam. The choice and application of each therapy is tailored to the needs of each person.