Depending on your budget, there are many types of pedals you can look for. In this article,  Musical Study reveals 3 best guitar delay pedals for your recommendation.

Three best guitar delay pedals

Musical Study reveals 3 best guitar delay pedals, just for you!

1. Digitech OBSCURA Altered Delay Pedal

This is one of the best delay pedals around. The Digitech Obscura is loaded with plenty of excellent features. Not only does that allow you to take control of your sound, but you can also mess around with it. With this delay pedal, you will get some very fun tones and effects. In order to produce truly unique sounds, you can choose one from four different delay types. They are analog, tape, lo-fi, and reverse. 

It has plenty of excellent features/

Also, it is easy to toggle off and on delay tails with a flick of a switch. In addition to that, it has a Stomplock, making it the perfect one for live performance because your tone will be secure, as no accidental knocks will change the settings. So, the advantages of this Digitech OBSCURA Altered Delay Pedal include four unique delay types, the Stomplock, vacuum style foot switch,  9V DC power supply and the secure, high-density mount pad. The reason why we recommend this as one of the three best guitar delay pedals is because it offers the variety in tone thanks to its four delay types. Hence it gives you the power to alter your tone to create something unique. 

2. Donner Wave Analog

For guitarists, Donner is not an unpopular brand. You might have heard about the Donner Yellow Fall, which is another great delay pedal from this brand. This one is slightly bigger in form and is a nice analog delay pedal at a very low price. With the Wave, you can produce a really natural analog sound. Using this delay effect, you get level adjustment for the input signal, along with a time dial which can be used to adjust the gap between note and delay. Also, you get a feedback dial to adjust how many times you get that delay. Aside from that, there’s a little switch that can be used to change the pedal from normal to modulated. This is a very nice addition to a budget pedal.

Donner is a popular brand of delay pedals/

Additionally, a nice sea green color with a real 50s/60s beach rock vibe makes this Donner Wave Analog a surprisingly cool looking pedal. Despite the fact that this piece of hardware is cheap, it is really well made. However, it has slightly small knobs. In general, this delay effect has some advantages which make it one of the best delay pedals. It has an awesome look,  a good range of delay sounds, and fantastic quality with a very low price. Using it, you can produce some cool oscillating delay. The look of it makes you think that it could be ten times more expensive than it is. The only disadvantage of this tiny delay pedal is that the knobs are small so there’s no space for a battery. However, given it has a very low price, it is just a minor point.

3. Mooer Reecho Digital

The Mooer Reecho is a digital pedal with three different presets. One of them is ‘analog’ which can help you produce the warm feel. Aside from that, it also offers ‘RealEcho’ and ‘TapeEcho’ effects. Although you can’t consider it as a real analog pedal, but the tradeoff is something you can trust. With the mid range price tag, this Mooer Reecho Digital is one of the best 3 delay pedals in this list. This unit helps you produce some great delay sounds. 

This digital pedal has three different presets/

Along with that, you can easily control over the effects you’re putting onto your tone. In turn, there is no difficulty to find just the sound you’re looking for. Also, it is very stylish. So the advantages of this delay pedals are beautiful finishing, hugely versatile and easy adjustment. We recommend this one because users get so much control over the sound. Although you can’t expect the perfect analog effect, it is  still a very useful addition.  

The best power supply for guitar pedal

So far, Musical Study reveals 3 best guitar delay pedals for you. Now, along with a perfect delay pedal, you need to choose the right power supply for it. As it is quite complex, we will introduce some of the best guitar pedal power supplies below. 

1. Donner DP-1

Yes you are right, we are talking about Donner again. Although it is not a leading brand, its range of multiple pedals is suitable for those who are on a lower budget. As a lot of people prefer pedal from this brand which can produce a range of effects, they are more likely to look at Donners dedicated peal power supply.

It is perfect for those who are on a lower budget/

The Donner DP-1provides a decent amount of outputs. They include 1x 9v power supply 500ma, 7 standard 9 volts at 100ma as well as 12v and 18v bot at 100 ma.` If one blows the rest stay safe, you do not have to worry about short circuit damage because each individual channel helps protect from that. Also, the LED indicators will let you know what is on or off. Moreover, it is lightweight and portable, but it doesn't look overly durable. Therefore, if you are looking for the one with the great longevity, go for a more expensive one. Another concern you might have with this cheap power supply is the circuitry, but it is pretty good and isn't as isolated as advertised.

The polarity reversing cables added to the 10 DC power cables is useful and keeps it from causing devastating damage. In general, this power supply has a good number of outputs, it is lightweight and includes reverse polarity cables. So despite it's cheap import nature and misleading isolated channels, its 10 noise-free channels is great.

2. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

This is the best selling unit/

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power is considered to be the best selling unit which provides a wide range of effects pedals needs. Being well known for the best heavy effects pedals, the company clearly understand a guitar player's power requirements. It can supply power for typical 9 volt products and include 2 high current outputs. Additionally, 2 variable voltage outputs are included to simulate deterioration of low batteries. 

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power has been designed to make a great addition to their pedal power products. Not only does it feature 8 genuinely isolated outputs, but also incorporates a Toroidal transformer with a separate balanced winding for each output. This ensures they can't interact for consistent low-noise power supply. In general, it provides vintage effect power supply options, genuine isolated electronics as well as rugged build.

3. Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7

Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7  is an impressive power supply/

This is an impressive power supply which features 7 fully isolated outputs and 3 different voltage options. Users can switch outputs 1 through 5 from 9 to 12 volt operation via individual toggles. There are also 2 high voltage outputs and an intentional input switching. The Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 is one of the most versatile power supplies. It covers virtually all pedal needs. The individual circuitry is fully isolated for noise-free sound. The advantages of this power supply include a decent range of versatile outputs, intentional input and all the cables included.

You are looking to buy a new delay pedal. Hopefully the article provides some good pedal delays on the market. If you need more information about musical instrument, visit our website Musical Study, you will find plenty of useful tips and tricks.