Almost everyone knows the game Scrabble. The young enjoy playing it with friends during pyjama and house parties. It’s great fun, especially when played with several people. But if you don’t have a companion close at hand, don’t worry! Nowadays, there are many apps where you can play online either with a computer or with your real friends. 

So, anytime you want to exercise your brain and unscramble some words, you can do that on your phone, for example, on the way to work. Not only does it significantly affect your cognitive abilities, but it also acts on your imagination and creative thinking. Sometimes, it happens that people create some words that they have never heard or known before. It’s so unbelievable! 

Except for Scrabble apps, you can find on the Internet many websites, like Unscramblex, where you can unscramble any letters you’ve been given and can’t deal with. That solution seems perfect for all those who quickly get angry because they can’t come up with any word. It may be a little cheat, but you don’t have to use it during a game. It can only serve as an auxiliary tool. But what’s the purpose of the game? Of course, besides a powerful impact on the brain, many people draw life lessons from the Scrabble experience. 

Be Patient

First of all, Scrabble teaches patience. And it’s a desirable trait by many people who have a short temper, and they put down their letters the moment they receive them. But after a few seconds, they already regret their move. Sometimes waiting for better letters pays off since you may achieve a higher score. That’s the same with life. You shouldn’t make any foolish decisions. Always take time to consider all the pros and cons of any offer life has prepared for you. The first choice isn’t always the best one. So, take a deep breath and slow down- that’s what Scrabble tries to convey to you! 

Use Defence Instead of Offence 

Have you ever been in a situation when you offended someone with whom you couldn’t communicate? Scrabble tells you to use more defence instead of offence. This new perspective may change your life for the better. How? On the level of the game, it’s connected with watching out for the best spots before your opponent catches them first. In life, it’s related to being more concerned about your own business than others’. With this healthier approach to life, you can be more focused on your own aims and ways how to fulfil them. 

Take a Risk & Try your Luck

Another important message that Scrabble carries is the need of taking risks in life. To win, you must try your luck. If you never try, you’ll never know what might have happened. And it’s always better to regret something you did wrong than did nothing. Both in the game and life, luck plays a significant role. Some people are just born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be as good as them. Quite the opposite- you can, but you must be brave enough to take a chance every now and then.

Make the most of what you’ve got from Life

Moreover, playing Scrabble teaches you humility. Thus, you should always be grateful for what you’ve got from life, whether they are letters on the board, or other high values, such as family, health, friendships, or love. Complaining is a common habit among people, whereas appreciating sticks in their gizzard. Try to change it since you don’t have a big impact on what life gives you. You can only be obedient and make the most of it to make your life happy and complete. 

Always Aim for a close Contest

Although a victory is tempting for everyone, there’s no fun when you play with an inferior competitor. That’s why you should always try to make your game and life a close contest. Despite some initial difficulties, in the end, you’ll be more satisfied with your achievements. Simultaneously, the game and life will become much more exciting. Such challenges make you also more ambitious and demanding, providing you with educational experiences. Thanks to that, you can learn a lot of new things from your equal opponents and significantly spread your knowledge, not only about Scrabble. 

Summing up, Scrabble is an amazing game, which gives you many emotions, but also life lessons. While playing it, you may suddenly realise that it perfectly reflects reality and how people behave or should behave in their lives. It reminds you of such personality traits as patience and lowliness. Also, it teaches that life, similarly to the Scrabble puzzle, isn’t easy, and you need to put some effort to achieve what you want.