Almost Christmas, and for newly engaged couples, it is a double celebration. For example, you can determine what is the best gift for a newly engaged couple by looking at sites like 365 in Love, for example. Here are some of the most thoughtful gift ideas couples will actually use.

Since they are getting married soon, you should gift them something that is Christmasy, and useful. They will be busy planning their wedding, so surprise them with lots of useful Christmas gifts that they can relish for long and also wish your fiance a Happy engagement.

Here are 10 great Christmas gift ideas for a newly engaged couple
These gift ideas work for both engaged couples planning to get married soon or for couple who recently got married. Let’s begin..

1.    A key holder for their new home
An engaged couple will be looking for a home to move in together, or a newlywed couple who have bought a new house will love this gift. A key holder for their new home, which is customized with words like ‘his’ ‘hers’ and ‘ours ‘or something on a similar note will certainly look great in their new home. Moreover, it is a great way to ensure that you don’t lose your keys.

2.    Customized luggage tags
Another great idea for a Christmas gift that will help a newly engaged couple is a luggage tag. Don’t gift them the usual or normal luggage tag, customize them. There are numerous sites out there that will personalize the luggage tag for you, you can get them his and her tag or Mr. and Mrs. tag anything you like. They are a great gift as they might use them for their honeymoon or bachelorette party.

3.    Whiskey decanter set
Another great gift for a newly engaged couple on their first Christmas as a couple is a whiskey decanter set. If the couple loves to drink whiskey, you can give them a personalized whiskey set. Make sure it is a complete set with glasses and get them personalized to honor the couple.

4.    Personalized candle set
You can also give a small item to your engaged friend or relative on Christmas like a personalized scented candle. You can get the candle made in a scent that the couple loves and get a note printed on them.

5.    A personalized chopping board
For a friend or sibling or relative who loves to cook, it is a great gift. A wooden chopping board with her new name is something she will cherish for long. Not only will it help her to cook delicious dishes, but it will also remind her of her special day.

6.    A customized jewelry box or storage box
During a wedding, a couple gets quite a lot of gifts. Some of these gifts don’t find a place or are just for a keepsake, but still, you don’t want to part from them. It is where the gift box can help the couple. A customized or wooden storage box is a great gift as they can store all these keepsakes with them.
Also, if you can’t find a storage box, get the bride a jewelry box as she must have tons of jewelry to store, and a box is a perfect place for that.

7.    An engagement party
If you want to surprise the couple, why not throw a Christmas plus engagement party for the couple? It is a great idea as till now they have thrown the party for their friends and family to celebrate the occasion and wish your friends Merry Christmas. Now, you can make them feel special by throwing a party just for them. Invite their close friends, family, relatives, and enjoy both the occasion and eat and drink and have fun.

8.    A pet
If you are close to the engaged couple, you must know whether they like a pet or not. If they do and are looking to adopt one, why not get them a pet? Whether it is a dog or a cat, I am sure they will love this cute little gift.

9.    A photo frame of their proposal
If you were there when they proposed to each other or know the story, gift them a sketch that is an honor to that memory. It is a truly amazing gift. You can also make an amazing collage for your previous images using Canva. Or better yet, a custom paint by number

10.   A bridal calendar
Both of them use it, but it is a great gift especially for the bride. A bridal calendar will keep track of all the things that she needs to do or order for the wedding.
Merry Christmas everyone!