When you visit a country, you must have a visa as permission to enter that country. It is also including Malaysia. Before you go, make sure you prepare all documentation, as well as Malaysia Visa. However, if you are a citizen of the countries that are included in the visa-exempt country for Malaysia, you don’t need to make a visa. Now, if you want to make the visa, the first thing you need to do is find out what kind of visa you want to make.

Malaysia Visa Types
We can choose four types of visas based on what we want to do in Malaysia. These four visa types are:

Single Entry Visa
This visa is issued for a single visit. This visa is valid for three months. Mostly, people who want to do a social visit choose this visa, because they don’t need to visit again next time.

Multiple Entry Visa 
As its name implies, this visa can be used to visit and enter Malaysia several times. The validity is also much longer than the single-entry visa. The multiple entry visas are valid for 3 to 12 months after it was issued.

To make a multiple entry visa, there are several requirements you need to fulfill as follows:

You must have enough funds for your staying,
You must have a return ticket, which must be validated and confirmed,
This visa isn’t available for a group visit. 
Mostly, the multiple entry visas to Malaysia are issued for business or government visits. This kind of visit is needed to enter Malaysia for several times.

Transit Visa
This visa is needed for those of you who are on transit at the Malaysia airport. However, if you just visit the airport without leaving the area, you won’t need this transit visa.

There is also Transit without Visa (TWOV). This permission applied to the country without visa-exempt rights. It can be applied for a 120 hours stop-over visit. However, you can only get it after Malaysian Immigrations grant your application.

How to Apply for Malaysia Visa
You can use two methods to get a visa to enter Malaysia. The first method is applying it at the Malaysian Representative Office Abroad. If you can find one in your country, you can visit the office directly, and apply there. 

The other method is by applying online. However, this online application is only available for citizens of India and also China. Most other countries don’t use this system for Malaysia Visa. The online method like this is much simpler. You just need to pay and they will apply for the visa for you.
And, when you apply for Malaysia Visa, make sure you have all documents required to apply, such as:

Two photocopies of your passports,
one passport size photo,
Original return flight ticket
Bank statement,
Invitation letter (optional)

Once you have all those requirements, you can start to apply for Malaysia Visa. Pay the fee, and you just need to wait until your visa is finished and issued. Then, you can take it and use it to enter Malaysia.