Have you ever been bitten by a bedbug? Those creatures are vicious. They bite with so much intensity you wonder if they have sucked all your blood. Funny enough, they bite and hide so fast you will think you have imagined it.

So, what do you do if your hotel room has bed bugs?

Isolate the Contaminated Belongings
Put all the belongings that you think had come into contact with the bed bugs into a plastic bag and seal it. Also, seal in the uncontaminated items to prevent bugs from getting to them.

As a precaution, don’t get into the habit of placing your belongings on the hotel bed before you find out if there are any bugs.

Obtain Evidence
You may be required to prove that there are bed bugs in the hotel later on. Take photos of stained sheets, of the bites in your body, and if you can, photograph the bed bugs.  Again if you can, trap the bugs in a container.

The evidence will help you when you are explaining to the hotel staff.

Get out of the hotel room
You don't have to stay in a bug-infested hotel. Once you notice that your hotel room is bedbug-infested, request for a change to another room that is not infested or you can check out of the hotel. The longer you stay, the more bugs are likely to get into your clothes and other belongings and you will definitely take them home with you.

Remember to inform the management of the hotel that you have seen bugs. Do it politely. Don't be tempted to shout at them. Most likely, if they knew about the infestation they may have dealt with it. If you notice that there was sluggishness in dealing with the issue, you can always remind them via email or post a review online so another person doesn't suffer the same.

Demand a refund
It would be unfortunate to pay for a hotel room and to check out immediately because of bugs and you do not get a refund. 

Ask the hotel for a refund in case you are checking out. If they resist, arm yourself with the evidence you collected and threatened to expose. Remember to leave out an online review stating the issue and how the hotel handled it.

If you use a booking agency to book a hotel, make sure you inform them, so they can be aware and they can advise other customers as well.

Treat the items
Do not throw away the items since you can treat bedbugs. There are various bed bug treatment options.

Take the clothes for laundry and have them stay for an hour in a tumble dryer set at the hottest heat.
Alternatively, although not the best option, you can treat the clothes with bed bug sprays and chemicals.
Check the bags and your other belongings for the signs of the bugs.  If you find them, use bug spray to decontaminate.

If you have the equipment, books and other items that should not be heat or chemical treated, inspect them thoroughly to make sure they are not hiding any bed bugs.